Linux: 3_MySQL cluster installation problems


An error occurred when accessing the Linux virtual machine under windows: telent reported the following error:

正在连接192.168.1.130...无法打开到主机的连接。 在端口 1186: 连接失败

What the Internet says is: Control Panel-"Programs -" Turn on or off Windows functions: check Telnet server, Telnet client processing;

I did not work according to the above processing: Then I found that my own command is also a problem, it should be telent 3306 [There is a space between ip and port, not a colon! ! ! 】

Then, I saw someone said that it should be a problem on the Linux side. My approach is as follows:

cd   /etc/selinux/config

Change : SELINUX= enforcing   to SELINUX= disabled , and then restart the virtual machine reboot ; [If you do not change here, it may also cause you to be able to ping each other, but telnet fails. 】


When accessing the mysql node of the virtual machine cluster locally, the following error is reported:

Host ’′ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Reason: Your account is not allowed to log in from remote, only on localhost. At this time, as long as you are on the localhost computer, after logging in to MySQL , change the "host" item in the "user" table in the "mysql" database, and change the name from "localhost" to "%"


cd /usr/local/mysql/bin ./mysql -u root -p use mysql; select host from user where user='root'; update user set host = '%' where user ='root'; flush privileges;  //刷新配置 

The effect is as follows:

Reference source:

Reference source:


Linux telnet: connect to address *.*.*.*: Connection refused error solution:

yum install -y nc

nc -lp 23

yum install xinetd -y

service xinetd restart

Then restart reboot, and then you can telnet, and I don't know which one works. . .