linux installation, startup, redis

First follow the link to download redis

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Upload to any directory on the server according to xshell

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Then unzip and download the tar package
tar -zvxf redis-5.0.7.tar.gz
and then move the pressurized file to the /usr/local/ directory and rename it to redis (convenient)
mv /root/redis-6.2.4 /usr /local/redis

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Since redis is written in C language, its operation requires a C environment, so we need to install gcc first. The installation command is as follows:
yum install gcc-c++
enter the redis directory and execute the make command: make
make PREFIX=/usr/local/redis install

Create a folder: mkdir etc
transplant redis.conf under the etc directory.
Edit the configuration file. It is recommended to download it directly. The content of the configuration file is too much to find.
③ Modify the startup default configuration (from top to bottom):
bind #Comment Remove this part, this is to restrict redis to only local access
protected-mode no
#default yes, open protected mode, restricted to local access daemonize no#default no, changed to yes means to start as a daemon process, can run in the background, unless Kill process
databases 16 #Number of databases (optional), I modified this just to see if it took effect. .
dir ./
#Enter the local redis database storage folder (optional) appendonly yes #redis persistence (optional)
slave-read-only is no, then the slave node can also write the
port port number setting

Set boot up automatically:
vi /etc/rc.d/rc.local
Add /usr/local/redis/bin/redis-server /usr/local/redis/etc/redis.conf to /etc/rc.d/ In rc.local:

Enter the bin directory to start ridis
./redis-server /usr/local/redis/etc/redis.conf to
view the redis process
ps -ef|grep redis

redis redis-cli -h specify ip -p specify port -a specify password
If it is the default port number 6379, you can directly execute redis-cli

Connect remote

redis-cli -h -p 56379

Connect locally


set password

config set requirepass pass_123456

Get password

config get requirepass

log in

auth pass_123456