May you run away for half your life and come back as a teenager

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Today is the second day of the life test. In the afternoon, I read an article by Lukewen in "Youth Boy". I am very touching. The article talks about some past events on my growing up. It is straightforward and straightforward. It doesn't feel boring but rather interesting.

Maybe we and Kewen are in different eras and experience different past events, but everyone has their own story worth remembering. Whenever you encounter a stutter point in your life, you may be able to find your original heart and passion from your youth.

A fruitful childhood

My grandfather is the secretary of the town brigade, and the conditions at home are much better than those of my dad. In the year my parents got married, my grandfather married my mom a black-and-white TV set. Our family has become one of the few "rich" families in the village who owns TV sets. In the year my brother was born, my uncle gave a few sows. The sows are reproducing slowly. In addition to the fact that the market for pigs is not bad, the conditions of the family are gradually improving. I remember that there were always those restless little pigs who broke through the brick wall and went on a walk-and-go trip. After school, the happiest thing is to catch this restless pig and ride home after taming it. Hahaha, thinking about it now, it feels a bit comedy. The few days when the piglet came out of the slaughter was the happiest time for everyone. A few days before the launch, steamed the fragrant soybean and flour mixed cake. On the day of slaughter, the piglets were raised one by one with fat bodies. One after another, they were taken away by men from neighboring villages. After selling out the cotton and piglet's money, our family became the first "ten thousand yuan household" in the village. It was probably the most relaxing and joyful years for my dad during that period. I can eat it every day, my dad wins money from the poker table in exchange for all kinds of delicious food

Rundown boy

When my brother is 18 years old, the old sows drawn from my uncle are "advanced" (the average life expectancy of pigs is 20 years old, and sows will give birth more quickly for a long time). In addition to suffering from arthritis, the body is aging. The sun was scorching, and she could only stand up from the muddy water by relying on external forces. Soon the sow was tied up and carried onto a cart, and never returned. Later, the pork market got worse and worse, and the few sows that remained did not give birth smoothly. The days are getting harder and harder. In addition, after junior high school, the tuition expenses are getting bigger and bigger.

Later, the trees that we had planted for more than ten years in school were sold by black-hearted people (they planted the trees without conscience). My parents began to think about going out to work to earn money. Thinking about it now, the society at that time was really dark. If anyone wants to bully someone, there is no need to find a reason. Outsiders mostly hang up high on their own business, and coupled with the occlusion of the countryside, if officials don't carry on their affairs (most of them are also bullying and fearing hardship), it really makes people desperate. Fortunately, in those few years, it caught up with the wave of migrant workers. Parents simply go out to work to earn money, and there are a lot of unnecessary disturbances.

Stubborn since childhood

Ego is a stubborn person. When I was in elementary school, my mother went to my grandmother's house and ran for more than 10 miles on the dirt road to follow. By the time my grandmother's house, I was already sweating profusely. When I went to my grandmother's house, I was so thirsty and uncomfortable that I drank the water for washing my face as clean water. Every summer vacation, I work with my parents for a few months, and I often don’t agree with all kinds of small bosses. Since I was a child, I have a special integrity, and my eyes can't tolerate the slightest sand. In the past, there were various scammers who used various scams to swindle money in the railway station. There were college students who pretended to lose their tickets and could not go home. When I was seventeen or eighteen, I started to transfer trains by myself at various railway stations. Once I met an aunt with a child who lied to me that she had lost the ticket and borrowed money from me. Feeling that the child is pitiful, but also doubtful. After that, I finally found out that I was deceived. Being young and energetic, I just asked the money back from the liar.

Fate with the computer

The first time I heard the name computer, I got it from a textbook (it seems to be a subject called "Society"). The book introduces that in the 21st century, human beings will move from the computer age to the optical brain age. Although I still haven't understood what the light brain era is, I still feel excited when I read it. A passion that is determined to contribute to the advent of the optical brain era. After returning home, I told my mother what I saw. Although my mother scolded me, it aroused my curiosity about computers. The teaching conditions in rural areas are relatively poor, and only one computer course a week is available in junior high school. Before getting on the machine, you need to proficiently recite the five-stroke input method mantra. I can still memorize a few sentences: Wang Pang Qingtou Nian (Jian) ​​51, Tu Shi Er Gan Shi Cun Yu, Da Dog San (Sheep) Ancient Stone Factory, Mu Ding WEAT.

The computer was installed with the DOS operating system at the time, typed in the pure black command line, cd 空格 bb 回车 bb 回车and immediately entered the practice interface of the Wubi input method. At that time, I felt it was really incredible, so that the teacher on the computer became very mysterious in the mouth of the students, and various rumors spread. There was a widely spread saying at the time that computers have strong radiation, and the teachers on the computer would eat beef to replenish enough energy before they dared to come on the computer. Hahaha, now thinking about it, it was really naive at the time.

Later in high school, QQ became popular. I also secretly went to the Internet cafe to register my QQ number. On weekends, I went to the used book stand and read a few copies of "Computer Home" and read verbatim. At that time, 80% of the articles in "Computer House" taught how to dress up the QQ space as a non-mainstream. The few non-mainstream photos that were popular at the time were mostly elements with long black hair. Similar to the picture below.

The first college entrance examination was not smooth, and all volunteers were majoring in computer science. Finally, he was successfully admitted to an ordinary second university in the province. Later, I continued to study graduate school and worked after graduation. Never thought of changing to a non-computer job. Maybe this is the reason for love.

I hope that I will keep this original intention and leave for half my life and return as a teenager.


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