Missed the chance to enter the byte beating, irritable online to brush 1000+ questions, and then fight Ali, have you lost your studies?

Everyone yearns for Dachang, and I am no exception. Although I am only a second-rate undergraduate graduate, I still have a dream of Dachang!

No, in April I wanted to go to ByteDance to try some water, but it was brushed in the first round. How could it be a "miserable" word?

Hey, after returning home, I have a lot of reflection, learned from the pain, and exploded the internal big factory resources that friends gave me: Java Brush Question Collection 1000+ (share at the end of the article)! After finishing brushing, he decided to fight Ali again. After 3 rounds, he finally got the letter of intent.

I wrote this article, one is to share my three-sided A-na Sutra, and the other is to share this book of Java questions with 1000+ , and share it with more programmers who are preparing for interviews or learning, about this book of questions. - click here to get downloads

1. Three-sided Ali process:

one side

  • Handwritten ArrayList
  • Handwritten hexadecimal conversion algorithm , find the number of binary number 1 of a number
  • JAVA basics, equals and ==
  • Multithreading mode, threadlocal, various locks, synchronized and lock
  • Design mode, spring class loading method, where is the instance saved, aop ioc, reflection mechanism 6, class loader, parent delegation model, hot deployment
  • jvm memory model, memory structure, heap generation algorithm , heap partition, gc algorithm , gc process
  • tcp ip, seven-layer model, rest interface specification, difference between get and post, length, security 9, tcp ip arp protocol, how do two hosts on the same network obtain each other’s mac address 10, load balancing, high concurrency, high availability Architecture
  • mysql engine difference
  • Redis cache, redis cluster deployment, hot backup, master-slave backup, master-slave database, hash mapping to find and know the specified node
  • Do you know about cloud computing, do you know about cloud container docker, the difference between container and virtual machine

Two sides

  • Introduce yourself, what you are responsible for in the project and what you have done
  • Database backup in the project , master-slave database, cluster
  • Database index principle, b+ tree principle, trie tree extension, binary search tree principle
  • Find a word in a large amount of data , distributed calculation map reduce, or use hsah mapping to filter partial results 5. Java abstract class and interface difference, java hashmap, java memory model, partition, generational garbage collection algorithm . Where to put instances and constants
  • int 4 bytes, double 8 bytes
  • The difference between wait and sleep in multithreading, the role of notify
  • Design patterns to understand what, write an observer pattern. Implement two interfaces, one is the subject and the other is the observer, and write the corresponding method
  • Write a method for a producer-consumer queue, write two classes to represent the producer and the consumer, and use the queue to simulate its production and consumption
  • Four waves of tcp ip, the role of the subnet mask
  • Do you know linux, talk about the kernel lock of linux?
  • Have you ever used sed? Use a shell script to write a script that replaces characters in the text. I probably talked about replacing it with grep||

Three sides:

  • Ask me whether the data structure algorithm is good
  • Find single list three equal points, if a single chain is looped it
  • Talk about the structure of the project
  • Talk about the design model you are familiar with
  • Have you configured the server

to sum up

Generally speaking, this interview with Ali went smoothly. Questions about multithreading, Redis, MySql, JVM, data structures and algorithms are the most frequently asked questions, and these are all in this Java Book of Questions 1000+  . It's really a good book of writing questions, and you can share it with your friends if you like

  1. JavaOOP interview questions
  2. Java collection/generic interview questions
  3. IO and NIO interview questions in Java
  4. Java reflection interview questions
  5. Java serialization interview questions
  6. Java Annotated Interview Questions
  7. Multithreading & concurrent interview questions
  8. JVM for Advanced Interview
  9. Mysql interview questions
  10. Redis interview questions
  11. Memcached interview questions
  12. MongoDB interview questions
  13. Spring interview questions
  14. Spring Boot interview questions
  15. Spring Cloud interview questions
  16. RabbitMQ interview questions
  17. Dubbo interview questions
  18. MyBatis interview questions
  19. ZooKeeper interview questions
  20. Data structure interview questions
  21. Algorithm interview questions
  22. Elasticsearch interview questions
  23. Kafka interview questions
  24. Microservice interview questions
  25. Linux interview questions

Java Annotated Interview Questions


Algorithm interview questions


Microservice interview questions


For this information, I only took part of the pictures.

In addition, this ""Java High Score Interview Guide"-25 Category 227 Pages 1000+Question 50w+Word Analysis" can also be shared with friends in need. Interested partners can challenge themselves, without looking at the answer analysis, Test your own problem-solving skills, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort! (For good things, everyone should watch it together. To download, please click here to get the download