My Column Road | Looking for the Treasures of Station C

Time flies, and I have been studying at station C for almost 3 years. I remember very clearly. At the end of 2018, I wrote my first blog. I didn’t expect more than a thousand people to read it and resonate with it. Since then, I’ve been writing and writing. , I have been writing to this day, 450,000 people have read my article, 4,000 people follow me, let me feel the joy and happiness of sharing knowledge, thank you for following my fans and readers who have read my blog !

My first blog "Summary of My Road to Competition in 2018" (included in the "Experience Summary" column ):

Strictly speaking, the first blog is not a technical blog, it is more like recording one's life throughout 2018. Immediately after the winter vacation in 2019, in the process of learning and doing projects, I began to write some pyqt5 related articles. At the beginning, these articles did not have much visits, most of them were poor visits of 10 or 20, which made me very frustrated at one time ( for new bloggers, it is very important to get an initial traffic support, I hope the big boss of station C We can support new bloggers more ). But slowly, more and more people read these articles, and many readers communicated with me about this technology. I included these articles in the "PyQt5 Development" column . On average, each article has been read by 2500 people. , I am very happy to have people later read these "unpopular articles"!

Then when the school started, the course pressure was quite heavy, so I wrote some blog posts related to signal and system, analog circuit, digital circuit and other professional courses. Although there are not many visits, it is indeed the beginning of the mass production of my articles!

That semester passed quickly, and the time came to the summer of 19 years. It was a passionate summer. I devoted myself to preparing for the electric competition. This summer I learned a lot of knowledge and wrote a lot of articles. It is included in the three columns of "Electric Games", "Electric Games Machine Vision", and "Electric Games Comprehensive Evaluation ":

These three columns record the entire process of preparing for the game and related knowledge points, and are also the pinnacle of my hardware level. Later, the electronic game ended, and the time came to the second half of 19 years. The snowflakes of the Internet winter of 18 years have melted cleanly, and the new Internet wave is surging. So I changed my technical direction and started to learn C++. Since I am not a computer major, I have not studied the necessary professional courses such as data structure and algorithm, computer network, operating system, etc., so I started my self-study path:

During this period, I wrote a lot of study notes and actual combat summary, especially brushed a lot of LeetCode. Later, I went to Huawei and Baidu for internships, doing C++ back-end development, and finally changed from a hardware engineer to a software engineer. I would like to thank myself for not giving up at the beginning, and thank the C station platform for providing a room for development. For a long time, my homepage signatures are:

"The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by now"

There was another thing that impressed me very much. At that time, I read the news and saw a thing about selling dog meat on the Chinese Academy of Sciences. So I wrote a blog. I didn’t expect it to become popular. It was posted on the home page of C station and was reprinted by qubits, CSDN and other major public accounts. , On the one hand, I hate this kind of fraud, on the other hand, I didn’t expect this counter-arguing article to attract a lot of people's attention at once, and more and more people pay attention to this matter. In the end, the counterfeiters were suspended for investigation, and justice won. If this matter can give a trace of concern to the fraudsters later, I think what I did at the beginning is very meaningful!

"China's self-developed programming language "Mulan"-learning notes for early adopters" (included in the column "Summary of Practical Problems" ):

I came to today without knowing it, and now I have a total of seven paid columns, and each column is priced at 9.9. In this age of payment for knowledge, I think appropriate fees are reasonable. Now, please allow my Wang Po to sell melons and boast, and write some recommendations for each column:

  • "E-Sports", "E-Sports Machine Vision", "E-Sports Comprehensive Evaluation" : The complete notes when preparing for the E-Sports competition are especially suitable for students who need to use computer vision for control, drones and computer vision. Every year, students with excellent grades will also request a comprehensive evaluation. I also record the comprehensive evaluation for the past ten years in a column for your reference. Very suitable for you who are still preparing for the electronic game!
  • "PyQt5 Development" and "Qt Development" : Qt and PyQt are the brothers. In order to complete the project, I learned Qt and PyQt from the shallower to the deeper. Have only learned C++/Python language features but don’t know how to use them? PyQt5 has too little information to start? Missing a C++/Python actual combat project? These two columns are definitely for you!
  • "Summary of Experiences" and "Summary of Actual Combat Questions" : This includes the pits I have stepped on, many, many lessons, and my interview experience. So far, I have interviewed Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, ByteDance, Huawei, China Merchants Bank, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, etc., have my interview experience, preparation notes, learning route, internship experience, etc. After subscribing, if you have any questions, you can privately write to me. After all, looking for a job and applying for research, poor information greatly affects the final result!