My PICK's Python column | Looking for the treasure of C station

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Summer is coming, CSDN’s new activities are also coming,

Look for the treasure column of station C, I know this well,

If I had to choose 3 out of the tens of thousands of columns on station C, I would recommend them without hesitation.

And these 3 columns are all from the same author: Yang Xiuzhang, ID: Eastmount.

If you want me to say, buy it first, put it up, just in case it "increases".

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Overall recommendation

The three sets of columns respectively involve Python OpenCV, Python TensorFlow artificial intelligence, and network security related knowledge.

Every article is wonderful, every article of 10,000-character essays are full of dry goods, and each article has an in-depth analysis of the knowledge points, you deserve it.

In such an impetuous era, Mr. Yang’s articles have never titled the party, simple titles, and substantial content, and really want to pass on knowledge to us.

Each column is from the shallower to the deeper, from the easy to the difficult, with theory, and practice, which makes people unable to resist the triple link.

In addition, in each article, Mr. Yang has remarked the following content at the beginning, which can be described as intimate.

This part of the knowledge was written and organized by Xiuzhang to consult information, and set up a charging column to earn some milk powder money for Xiaobao. Of course, if you are a student or financially struggling, you can chat privately with me to whitelist each article for you, or forward the original text to you, more hope that you will be willing to reward and make progress. Come on together~

Look, this exquisite picture

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Look, look at this detailed description,

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look at this terrible scroll bar,

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look at this proud subscription

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Column subscription address

Self-study on network security

Python image processing and image recognition

Python+TensorFlow artificial intelligence

Perhaps, when you open the above column, you will also let out an exclamation, the "treasure" of knowledge.