Navicat link oracle does not display related databases and tables under the user [Frequently asked questions about Navicat connecting to Oracle database]

In the process of using Navicat to connect to Oracle, you may encounter many problems of this or that. This article summarizes a lot of problems that you may encounter in the process of using Navicat to connect to Oracle. This article summarizes I have given you some headaches and their solutions, and I hope to help you.

Sometimes the oracle database can be connected normally, but the tables inside are not displayed. At this time, you need to make the following settings:

If the above settings still do not work, check and set them as follows:

First of all, I suggest that you download the genuine Navicat for Oracle trial version for safety. The download address can be referred to:

Common problems and solutions when connecting Navicat for Oracle are as follows:

Problem 1: The version of oci.dll is incorrect

Since there are many versions of Instance Client and Oracle versions, it is necessary to check the number to be matched and successfully connected. After Navicat for Oracle is configured, environment variables need to be set:

1) Add the decompression path of Instance Client at the beginning of the environment variable PATH;

2) Increase the user environment variable SQLPATH, the value is the decompression path of Instance Client;

3) Increase the user environment variable NLS_LANG, the value is AMERICAN_AMERICA.UTF8;

Select Basic connection, if there are no other errors, you can connect.

Question 2: TNS: no listener: start the service when connecting, it will stop the service automatically as soon as it is started.


After opening the listener.ora file under C:/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/NETWORK/admin, change the host name after HOST (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP) (HOST = PC-200) (PORT = 1521) ) Change to the IP address of the host: 192.168.1.x.

Problem 3: I don’t know the SID of the current connection

The listener is requested to establish a connection to a database or other service. The received connection specifies the SID of a listener instance, or it has not been dynamically registered with the listener or has not been statically configured as a listener.


1) Wait for a while before connecting.

2) Check that the instance is the currently known execution listener: lsnrctl service.

3) Check the SID parameter in the connection description of the specified instance on the listener.

4) Check the event record in the listener.log file.

Question 4 prompts ORA-12737 set CHS16GBK error

Reason: The character set is not allowed or the operation is invalid.


1) Open [Tools]-[Options]-[OCI], correctly set the path of OCI library (oci.dll), which is the oci.dll path of Instance Client, and back up the files inside, and create a new bak file in Instance Client Folder, cut all the dll files in the "%dir%/Navicat Lite\instantclient_10_2" directory to the bak folder.

2) In the bin/ directory of the oracle client installation directory, find several .dll files as shown in the figure below and place them in the "%dir%/Navicat Lite\instantclient_10_2" directory, and then restart the service to connect successfully.