.NET CORE agile development framework, independent solutions for enterprise informatization

What is Lisoft.NET CORE agile development framework

Lisoft.NET CORE agile development framework is a high-efficiency, high-value, and easy-to-use cross-platform full open source rapid development platform.

high efficiency

The framework has built-in basic functional components and efficient visual development tools commonly used in enterprise information systems, including: guided intelligent development components, instant messaging components, APP development components, WeChat components, workflow engines, general permissions, professional forms, BI large A series of components such as screens can realize low-code development of most functions.


It has an independently developed UI interface, the front end adopts the current mainstream VUE framework, and multiple sets of style UI templates are built-in, such as: simple, cool, classic, etc., which can be selected according to your needs to provide your product with a guarantee of beauty.

All open source

The product has a stable structure, standardized coding, all source codes are provided after purchase, and one-time authorization is used for life. At the same time, products developed based on the framework can be sold directly without re-authorization.

What can the Lisoft development framework do?

The framework is a highly expansive building platform that integrates a variety of commonly used functional modules to quickly implement complex business scenarios.

Using the framework for development, 80% of the coding has been done. The company only needs to focus on personalized business logic, and the components provided by Lisoft can build any functions they need like building blocks. It's like a purchase receipt. You only need to make the form, and then use the workflow to integrate the various forms and exchange data, and it can be completed.

Using this simple development method, you can easily develop various enterprise information systems such as ERP, OA, CRM, HRM, BI, MIS, SAAS, mobile apps, WeChat official accounts, WeChat applets, and back-end e-commerce systems.

New development mode, worry-free home!

What are the advantages of Lisoft's development framework

*Improve development efficiency

A large number of business templates and public components have been integrated. Developers can quickly complete the development work only by setting according to the development wizard. Compared with traditional development, it can save at least 80% of the workload and greatly improve the development efficiency.

If you need secondary development, you can directly modify the generated source code.

*Guarantee software quality

Have standardized coding, professional architecture, stable and efficient bottom layer. Development based on the Lisoft framework can greatly improve software quality and software stability.

*Reduce development costs

Compared with custom development and self-construction from the foundation, the use of Lisoft's development solution only requires the cost of a set of frameworks, and there are no hard requirements for the skills of the framework users, and novices can quickly get started.

*Improve customer satisfaction

As the "face" of a product, UI is bound to affect the first intuitive impression of the product. The framework has provided developers with multiple sets of beautiful and concise UI, so that developers have more energy in functional development. Cooperating with the good coding standards of the framework, the user-friendliness of the developed products will be greatly improved, and user satisfaction will also be greatly improved.

More advantages

*Using the SOA architecture, the core functions of the system can be provided to external calls through services, which facilitates the interaction between the system and the ERP system, peripheral systems, and hardware equipment interfaces, and solves the problem of enterprise informatization islands.

* The front and back of the system communicate with Ajax, so that the front desk does not have to rely on the development language of the backend. If the PHP and JSP backends are to be reconstructed in the future, the UI layer will not be moved at all.

*The development framework perfectly supports Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL databases, and also supports simultaneous operation of multiple databases in the framework.

*Provide a custom report function, you can build different types of graphical reports by writing SQL as a data source.

*Provide workflow engine components, developers can directly use custom forms in the development framework to carry business data for process approval; they can also write code to complete complex forms and then call process engine services for process approval.

*Powerful authority management component, after the function is developed based on the framework, the authority of the function can be directly granted to the authorized role.

*Provide SSO (single sign-on) service to facilitate the unified login management of multiple systems.

*The framework supports Websocket, and the message is delivered in real time.

*Provide WeChat enterprise account development component function.

*Provide APP development function.

*The framework supports redis cache cluster.

*After-sales support from the original class developers.

For people

Small and medium software development company

Software department of a non-software company

Enterprises in need of informatization


The framework does not limit the number of users, has strong applicability, and has a high degree of openness. It can be expanded indefinitely as needed.

Developers only need to master a certain programming foundation, have a clear idea, and after a short period of training, they can quickly get started without any trouble in use.

Lisoft.NET CORE agile development framework main function application

*Code generator

The built-in code generator of the framework has been upgraded on the basis of the original code generator, and the front-end and back-end codes can be generated separately according to needs.

Using the code generator, just click Next, the code can be automatically generated, which can effectively reduce the workload of code writing. At the same time, the generated code is more standardized, which can reduce bugs. In teams with more novices, standardized code writing and structure can guide novices to comply with the specifications, and existing codes can also be copied by novices to reduce errors.

*Workflow Engine

The workflow engine is the core part of the workflow management system, which mainly provides support for the analysis of workflow definitions and process flow.

The Lisoft .NET CORE workflow engine has also been upgraded on the basis of the original product process, with stronger functions and more convenient operation. The whole process of visual development, node setting and logical construction are done in one go. It not only provides intelligent management of daily public and key business processes, but also can easily and conveniently customize various processes at any time according to the company's special actual requirements.

*BI data large screen

Business Intelligence (BI) is the use of modern data warehouse technology, online analysis and processing technology, data mining and data display technology for data analysis to achieve commercial value.

The full-process visualization design of Lisoft BI large screen, with a large number of built-in template components, can quickly develop a BI system that suits the enterprise itself.

*Drag and drop form

With the form design function of the framework, you can easily build multiple types of practical forms with just drag and drop.

*Custom report

Provide basic reports and professional reports, such as: column chart, line chart, pie chart, etc., and the data description is clear and easy to understand, and the professional reports are rich in content.

*authority management

One of the core functions of the framework is an independent authority management system. Multiple systems can manage authority uniformly, pay attention to authority security, and reject all illegal access.

*Multi-database connection

Support multiple types of multiple versions of databases (multiple versions of Oracle, SQLserver, MySQL), easily switch and seamlessly connect your databases.

*Mobile development

Synchronous visual development on the mobile terminal, simple operation, both IOS and Android can be used.

Can help you more...

Update iterations of mainstream technologies

The software industry is changing with each passing day, and new technologies emerge in endlessly, making it difficult for people to keep up. The Lisoft development framework provides you with long-term update services, so that your products and systems will never fall behind.

Staff turnover

The hard soft development framework does not need to worry about the loss of core technical personnel, high-quality technical services can escort your development.

Passive problems in the construction of informatization

The different characteristics of many different industries in information construction make it difficult for developers to deal with, and the outstanding versatility and scalability of the Lisoft agile development framework allows you to easily grasp the initiative in information construction.

Changeable demand problem

Changing requirements can greatly reduce the development efficiency of projects that are not considered in the overall design and delay the project. The comprehensive architecture design of the Lisoft development framework can freely respond to changing needs.

Note: The functions of JAVA products are basically the same as those of .NET CORE products. For more details, please go to learun.cn to experience.

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