Novice Alibaba Cloud hands-on server to build a website or blog and FAQ

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Zero. Think about the purpose

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The following text:

Recently, Alibaba Cloud server has been active again. I didn't buy it once in December last year. After I bought it, it took two days to process it.

As a novice, we have two more common choices, registering a website or blog with a server

Note here that if you are registering a website, you need to purchase a domain name (.com) (.com is about 55 yuan and the text will be introduced) and file with the government after the real name. The entire process will take about 9-18 days: 2-3 days (domain name Real-name access to the system) +7-15 days (waiting for record approval)

If it is a blog, you can link without buying the domain name (but it seems that you still need to buy the domain name and record it, if there is an error, please correct it)

1. If registering a website

1. Just follow the procedure below

This is the guide of the official website

Insert picture description here

2. If the process is completed, you cannot log in to the website

Need to register a domain name!!!

a. Search domain name registration

If it is from com, there is a discount code: the smart logo design can be produced in ten seconds as soon as possible (this is it...)

Insert picture description here

b. To fill in the personal information template, there will be operation prompts

c. Domain name resolution after purchase

After buying, the tutorial is as follows:

Insert picture description here

d. Don't forget to submit for the record (physical ID card ready)

Insert picture description here

After logging in to the Alibaba Cloud APP, we can directly search for "filing" to see our progress. But remember: 1. If the background of the blink of an eye is white, it may not pass. 2. The original image of the ID card cannot be photographed electronically. files.

It’s easy to provoke after the filing is approved

2. How to set up a blog

Insert picture description here

According to the official advantages: 1. No need to change the password of mysql, wp-config.php mentioned in the mirror file later

According to the official disadvantages: 1. WordPress is a full English version, but it can be adjusted 2. Time-consuming, the first time you press the instruction is about at least 20 minutes, and there is time for software installation. 3. The template without mirroring is easy to use 4. Access to the original ip is prone to problems

Because I bought it from Zhibei, I call XD for Zhibei.

The previous steps are very simple, but the boss let us find a way to change the password in two places. mysql and wp-config.php

First of all, according to the north, when you need to change mysql and wp-config.php, you can see my third point to do

But!!! I strongly recommend buying a snapshot, here on the left side. I think you can buy a half-year one for only four yuan. Then log in and update the current blog. Then take a snapshot

Custom image after snapshot

After the mirror is established, go to the third point. If there is a problem, just reinstall the custom mirror. There will be a lot less repeated operations

Insert picture description here

3. How to change the password of mysql and wp-config.php

1. How to change mysql password

Insert picture description here

Insert picture description here
  1. Start mysql: systemctl start mysqld.service
  2. Log in to the database: mysql -uroot -p
  3. Enter password: [email protected]
  4. Change password: enter the password you want
  5. Exit and retry: exit

2. How to change wp-config.php

Download ftp software

Download link:

Address before linking sftp:// blog address, username root, password just changed, port 22, quick link

Insert picture description here
  1. Click on the desktop on the left

Click on "/" ⇒ "var"⇒ "www"⇒ "wordpress" on the right, click on the wordpress folder, and select "wp-config.php" to download (this time it will be downloaded to the desktop selected on the left, otherwise it will be downloaded by default C drive)

Insert picture description here

You can edit the opening of php with idea or the like locally (notepad cannot be used, because of UTF-8)

Replace wordpress_rw with root and [email protected] with the password you want

Pass up to cover, success

Check method:
After connecting to the server locally, enter: cat -n /var/www/wordpress/wp-config.php to
see if there is a password update in more than 20 lines (that is, the password you overwrite instead of the original [email protected])

3. How to change wp-config.php (use vim, easier than 2)

Insert picture description here
  1. cd /
  2. cd var
  3. cd www
  4. cd wordpress
  5. vim wp-config.php
  6. Press i to change the user name to root, the password is the one you want to change, then press esc, then press: q to save
  7. Press cat -n /var/www/wordpress/wp-config.php to check

4. How to change wp-config.php (use phpmyadmin, to be updated)

Four. Common mistakes

1. If you accidentally install the software twice

I don’t know this question. I just reinstalled the system again. Hahaha, ask God to answer.


This is an error that will occur when you ssh [email protected] through the server once, and then reinstall the operating system and then link

Use the command ssh-keygen -R [your server's IP] and press Enter to prompt that known_hosts has been updated.

For example ssh-keygen -R


3. How to use phpadmin

You can use this to change the mysql data, but the author will all the time, only the third biggest point hahaha. Welcome to help add.

I wrote the URL and the username and password of the super user according to the operation process, but I still can’t connect. I don’t know why. I don’t know if I need to upload it by ftp?


4. Access denied for user'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES) usually appears when entering the mysql password

Insert picture description here

Usually the password is incorrectly entered

If you built it yourself according to the official guide, please pay attention to whether the initial password is entered correctly, because it is very likely that there will be','';'':' and case errors

If you set up by mirroring, please search "Cloud Market" in the ECS main business search box, and check the "User Guide" on the left "Purchased Services", there will be a super user root and password. Note: The password of wordpress_rw inside Error, not slu but sul

Insert picture description here


5. If an error establishing a database connection appears in the last step of building a blog

Insert picture description here

Usually the mysql password and wp-config.php password settings are different