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We know that in the "14th Five-Year Plan", "digital economy" is mentioned 7 times and "digitalization" 24 times, and the digital economy is clearly separated into a chapter, drawing a new blueprint for the construction of digital China in the next 5 years. The development of the digital economy must use data as a key production factor and data processing technology as the core drive. This makes the database the core key technology of digital industrialization. It is not only the key support of industrial digitization, but also the solid foundation of the digital economy. Data base.

In this context, on June 1st last year, OceanBase announced the registration of "Beijing Aoxingbeisi Technology Co., Ltd." and officially started independent operation. This move marked OceanBase on the track of large-scale commercialization and at the same time set foot on A new stage of development.

On the same day after a lapse of one year, at the database OceanBase3.0 summit, OceanBase systematically explained its future development strategy from the three dimensions of technology, business and ecology for the first time. More importantly, OceanBase announced the official open source and established the OceanBase open source community. The official website of the community was launched simultaneously, and 3 million lines of core code were opened to the community.

So, in the past year, what kind of transcripts did OceanBase, as a "first-year freshman", have handed in? And what are the important considerations behind the official open source announcement? Facing the future, what new plans and layouts does OceanBase have? With these questions in mind, the author had an in-depth exchange with OceanBase CEO Yang Bing and OceanBase CTO Yang Chuanhui.

Independent operation, OceanBase this year

In the movie "Warrior", there is a line that is quite impressive: "Knowing how to go is different from walking on this road." It is true. For Yang Bing, from the Ant Group The pressure and challenges faced by a middle-level cadre to the CEO of an independently operated new company can be imagined. In his impression, the several things experienced in the past year are still "experienced today".目".

Ocean Base CEO Yang Bing

The first thing to bear is to set the direction. Yang Bing said that since the day the new company was established, he and the company's management team have been discussing the future strategic direction of OceanBase. What to take? What? Is it only offline? Do you want to do it online? What to do in the short-term and what to do in the long-term? Wait, these issues are difficult to choose, and it is also very difficult to make decisions.

However, after many communications and discussions by the management team, I believe that adhering to the path of self-research and openness is not only the right direction, but also worthy of OceanBase's full investment. "In the future strategic direction, we hope to realize the replacement of core system databases in several key industries, and gnaw down the most difficult bones. At the same time, in the database field, just like our three-time TPC ranking and becoming the world's number one. , We also hope to overcome the most difficult part of the core technology in commercial products, and truly build OceanBase into the world's best database." He said.

The second is to stick to the promise. At the end of last year, a head insurance company found OceanBase, hoping to transform the database of the full-stack core system. At the same time, the new and old core systems should complete smooth migration and distributed transformation at the same time. It can be said that this head insurance company "gives all the lives of the family" to Ocean Base, which is undoubtedly an absolute trust in Ocean Base.

According to reports, the old core of the head insurance company has a large amount of code developed by "proc+tuxedo". If the program is modified to adapt, tens of millions of lines of code need to be rewritten; this obviously does not work. Under the circumstances of tight time and heavy tasks, the team was led by OceanBase CTO Yang Chuanhui to set up a technical team. After 28 days of working day and night, he successfully helped customers develop a version compatible with "proc+tuxedo". The low-cost transformation of business applications. After the new system went online, the benefits were significant, and it performed well in terms of disaster tolerance, cost savings and performance improvement.

In Yang Bing's view, the core reason why this project can be delivered within a short period of time is the self-research road that OceanBase insists on. The benefits of self-research have been greatly utilized in the commercial expansion of OceanBase in the past year. "Our technical team has a strong technical background and knows how all the code is written, so it can withstand the great pressure within a month to successfully deliver the project to the customer and realize the promise to the customer. ."

In fact, setting the direction and keeping promises is just a "microcosm" of the many challenges experienced in the commercialization of OceanBase. In the past 365 days, OceanBase has been working hard all the time, and it has delivered a satisfactory "transcript" in terms of customers, ecology and products.

Among them, in terms of product innovation, OceanBase added 1.13 million codes; 882 delivery requirements; completed iterative upgrades of 2 major versions and 8 major versions; efficiency increased by 28%. Crucially, OceanBase launched the latest version 3.0 product, which is an enterprise-level distributed database that supports HTAP mixed load. Compared with the past, transaction processing performance has increased by 50%, and data analysis performance has increased by 10 times.

At the same time, in terms of ecological cooperation, OceanBase has also completed in-depth cooperation with 40 excellent partners on the industrial side; OceanBase certified engineers increased by 10,000+; technology/service partners have also expanded to 12; in addition, tens of millions of resources have been invested to participate Talent construction in universities; in terms of customer service, OceanBase currently serves 200 customers in total; it has completed verification of 500+ scenarios and 2000+ external instances; the total volume of accumulated data delivered is as high as 4PB+.

It can be seen that after a year of commercial operation, Ocean Base has handed over a satisfactory "answer sheet", and the constant selection and trust of customers and ecological partners proves the old saying "The direction is right, don't be afraid Lu Yuan.” And behind this continuous confirmation, Ocean Base has become more confident and active when it enters the "second grade".

Open source and open, OceanBase adult gift

This confidence and activity is reflected in the fact that OceanBase announced its official open source on June 1st. This open source has several major features. The Open Core business model is selected, and 3 million lines of core code are all open; the Mulan public agreement MulanPubL-2.0 is adopted. Version, the agreement allows all community participants to freely modify, use and reference the code; and for code hosting, the main site chose Gitee, and the mirror was placed on Github.

There is no doubt that “open source is eating everything” today, and open source database companies on the market are also highly recognized by developers and investors. So for OceanBase, announcing open source at this time is a measure to “follow the trend”, or Are there other important considerations? Yang Bing told me: "Ocean Base firmly chooses to open source and open. This decision not only has not been tangled by the internal team, but also strongly supported by the executives of the Ant Group when making decisions."

The reason behind it is that the database is an ecological industry. Similarly, OceanBase also hopes that through open source, these core capabilities at the bottom can be copied by the data processing software at the top, so as to grow a more complete ecology. At the same time, the new model of open source and openness will also allow OceanBase to serve more large and medium-sized enterprises. In the future, OceanBase will adhere to the new model of merging commercialization and open source, promote the simultaneous upgrade and iteration of the commercial version and the open source version, and promote the healthy development of the entire Chinese database industry.

Yang Chuanhui also said that open source has become an important technology strategy for OceanBase. This time open source is also a strategic decision made with full consideration of technology and business development: on the one hand, if the database industry still replicates the "old way" of the past, it will not work. Nowadays, not only is open source the general trend, the cloud has become a higher-dimensional business model compared to offline; on the other hand, open source also has important value for the ecological development of OceanBase. As a self-developed database system, OceanBase must become a business model with MySQL, With Oracle's three parallel database systems, open source has naturally become a matter of course.

At this summit, OceanBase also announced the development plan of the open source community, including in September this year, the first developer competition will be held; in January 2022, the community version will further improve the performance of stand-alone machines, increase tenants, and restore table-level resources. Function: In March next year, the first developer conference will be held, and at the same time, the HTAP capability will be enhanced, multi-mode architecture will be added, etc., to achieve a common "evolution" with the commercial version, and fully support ecological development.

OceanBase CTO Yang Chuanhui

Of course, Yang Chuanhui admits that compared to other database open source processes, the challenges that OceanBase faces may be more difficult. The "steep cost" of early learning must exist. To this end, OceanBase has also established a separate operation team for the open source community, and launched three major programs for talents, users, and developers.

Take the user-oriented "Spring Breeze Ten Miles" program as an example, OceanBase will provide 10 seed users with VIP community services, provide technical transformation support and training, and provide joint research and development support on products. Yang Chuanhui said: "Next, I will take the initiative to visit customers to preach and provide exclusive services. I will not ask customers to return, but just send a ride to help them, so that customers can use OceanBase. I also set a goal for myself. , That is, to open a live broadcast every two months, not to talk about ideas, but to share technology and code."

Yang Bing also believes that Ocean Base’s official open source announcement this time has always been “deterministic” in its strategic direction, and it is “realistic” in terms of open source technology, and it is “full of sincerity” in its open source attitude. Therefore, although OceanBase did not have very rich open source operation experience in the past, there are still many things to learn, but in the future, there will be a dedicated team to do design and operation, version maintenance, and ecological construction. These will be the basis for winning the trust of developers. I believe OceanBase is open source. The version will also welcome its own loyal fan base.

From this perspective, this open source and opening is more like an "mature gift" after OceanBase's independent operation. This not only means OceanBase's innovation in product technology and business model, but also the help to ecological partners "never stop. ". The greater value is that open source and openness will definitely make Ocean Base from subverting itself to subverting the industry, and reconstructing the new pattern of China and the global database market, playing a more decisive role.

Go forward resolutely and insist on doing the hard and right things

Objectively speaking, no company has a smooth and not tortuous path to success, and it is also difficult to find a "standard" answer from textbooks. In other words, it must have the courage to pick the rose on the edge of the cliff to be eligible to get the pass to the road to success.

Looking back, OceanBase has chosen the "Hard" model since the day it was born. Whether it was OceanBase founder Yang Zhenkun who led the team to choose to follow the path of self-research and innovation, or to choose the technology of database in the distributed field, or even In the direction of the database, the HTAP field has been chosen to be a technical "tackling". In the past eleven years, OceanBase has been practicing its own values, that is, "persist in doing the hard and right things."

Yang Bing said: “There is no lack of a database company in China, but there is a lack of a high-end database that can truly complete the core replacement. If Ocean Base just follows the footsteps of its predecessors, it is impossible to achieve surpassing by the same path, so We must continue to force ourselves to make technological breakthroughs, to make technological innovations, to enter the no-man’s land that has never been before, and to move forward resolutely."

In his view, when the company's key core systems start to go to the cloud, the drawbacks of traditional databases can be described as "at a glance", and today distributed databases have become the "new foundation" of enterprise databases. In this process, the database is still facing new challenges in the fields of multi-mode data processing, "hybrid heterogeneous" cloud, and gradual business migration, and this will be an important technical problem OceanBase hopes to solve in the future.

This is also the driver of OceanBase's release of the latest version 3.0 product and the official open source announcement. On the basis of the current scale and technical dividends, what OceanBase hopes more in the future is to be able to provide customers with stronger database capabilities at a lower price and threshold. Carry out the distributed transformation of the core system. The transformation of the core system not only allows the enterprise to achieve complete independent control of the overall system, but also supports business agility under the premise of business stability and continuity, and finally achieves every single transaction/each The goal of reducing the cost of the account will ultimately play a more favorable role in promoting the future technological innovation and digital transformation of Chinese companies.

In this regard, Yang Chuanhui said: "Ocean Base will face multi-line operations in the future. It will not only be commercialized, but also open source, and various technological innovations must be realized. This process will definitely be difficult, but we are working. China is still excited. This is because the future database, as an important track in the enterprise market, will definitely usher in its own "golden time". I believe that a larger market and larger space are also waiting for us to innovate. And open up."

And Yang Bing finally emphasized: “Ocean Base has been a well-known name in the development of Ant Group in the past, and it has changed the history of Ants. Standing at the key entrance of digitalization and intelligence in the next decade, Ocean Base also hopes to be in China. Play a greater role and value on the world stage and become the "new base" of the enterprise database."

American writer Maxwell once wrote in "Win-Win": "The secret of success is to forget one's own interests and wholeheartedly help partners succeed." Therefore, whether it is to solve the "pain points" of the industry user database in the short-term; see the domestic basic software in the middle line. Insist on the necessity of independent innovation; and the market background of the rise of China's digital economy in the long-term. This requires more Chinese technology companies to take up the role, and companies like OceanBase to play more roles in the market.

During this process, OceanBase has always insisted on doing the hard and right things. In the past 11 years, with its strong technical strength and ability, it has proved that Chinese database vendors can "compete" with the world's top database vendors. This time it officially Announcing open source will undoubtedly further prosper the database ecosystem and achieve the success of more industry customers and partners, and this is also the important meaning of OceanBase's "open and win-win, start again".

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