OceanBase time series database CeresDB officially provides safe and reliable data storage management services for commercial use

Recently, at the OceanBase3.0 summit , OceanBase CEO Yang Bing announced the official commercial use of CeresDB, the first time-series database product. The database will provide users with safe and reliable data query and storage management services, and solve the problems of high throughput and horizontal expansion of time series data in scenarios such as monitoring operation and maintenance and the Internet of Things.

This is the first step that OceanBase has taken towards the multi-mode direction of the data management field after completing the dual capabilities of OLAP and OLTP.


The full name of a time series database is a time series database, which is mainly used to manage and store time series data (reflecting the process of things changing with time). Among them, the Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, and monitoring operation and maintenance are common application scenarios for time series data. The time series database can solve the high-throughput and high-frequency write storage requirements of these IoT device data.

The OceanBase time series database (CeresDB) released this time is a time series database product based on the OceanBase distributed storage engine base. It is used to manage and store time series data, providing high-performance reading and writing, low-cost storage, and rich multi-dimensional query and analysis capabilities. And other functions. It effectively solves the problems of high storage cost and low reading and writing efficiency of massive scale time series data, and has the ability of horizontal expansion and remote disaster tolerance. It is suitable for industry scenarios such as IoT, operation and maintenance monitoring, and financial analysis.

In addition, CeresDB uses industry-leading time series compression algorithms for time series data, achieving a compression rate close to 10 times (lossless compression) for real-time data, and through the design of innovative multi-layer storage solutions, it has achieved pure memory and non-easy compression. The multi-level storage architecture that loses memory, disks, and remote storage provides customers with flexible and highly scalable deployment architecture solutions.

"The time series database CeresDB has unlimited horizontal expansion and remote disaster recovery capabilities" OceanBase CEO Yang Bing said, "In the future, we will continue to evolve towards time series HTAP integration and schema less, and provide a richer industry-specific operators and algorithms. And provide corresponding industry solutions in conjunction with ecosystem partners to help companies create industry time series data management solutions with extreme performance and rich diversity."

It is reported that OceanBase is a distributed database independently developed by Ant. It has experienced Ali's ultra-large-scale business scenarios, Alipay financial-level scenarios, and double 11 campaigns, and began exporting it in 2017. At present, the product has been applied in many institutions, including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shandong Mobile, Fujian Mobile, Digital Jiangxi, Sinopec, China Property Insurance, PICC Health, Zheshang Securities, Bank of Tianjin, Bank of Xi'an, Changshu Rural Commercial Bank, Dongguan Bank etc.

In 11 years of development, OceanBase has become the world's leading database product. In 2019 and 2020, it continuously refreshed the world record of transaction processing task (TPC-C) benchmark test.