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Fundamentals of the first phase of testing

Testing basics is the most important part of software testing. As long as you are doing testing, no matter what the test is, the basics and theoretical knowledge of testing must be learned.
What is the best level to learn? It is best to be able to understand and express it in your own words.
After all, when interviewing for the primary test, the questions asked are evaluated based on the basic theory.
What is the basic test content?

The definition of the test, the classification of the test, the method of the test, the life cycle of the test.
Preparation of test plans, test plans, test strategies, and test cases.
The classification of BUG, ​​the six elements of BUG, ​​the life cycle of BUG, ​​the definition of BUG.
The relationship between testing and development process, waterfall flow, V-shaped, W-shaped (double V), spiral, agile, etc.
The method of analysis and management of PDCA, 5W2H and other
quality management system CMMI (understand)

Well, it's probably the above content. All of the above are theoretical and documentation skills. As long as you are willing to memorize and write, they can be mastered independently. Here I have prepared 200G software testing tutorial materials for you to share with you for free, follow the WeChat public account [Programmer Xiaohao] to get it for free~ (mainly sharing learning resources for software testing, helping you want to change careers, advance, and become an advanced tester. testing exchange group: 175317069)

The second stage of tool learning

After learning the basics of software testing, you should learn the tools.
In fact, learning tools is really easy, so you don't have to worry about the choice of tools.
Just learn the most basic tools, and learn whatever tools you use in the future.

At this stage, the focus of learning tools is on the learning of interface testing. The learning of all tools is to pave the way for the learning of interface testing.
Below I will list the tools and knowledge points that need to be learned, just learn in order.

  • Simple network protocol: TCP/UDP, HTTP/HTTPS
  • Basic operations and common instructions of Linux.
  • Basic operations and common SQL statements of MySQL database.
  • The use of fiddle capture tool.
  • Use of postman interface testing tools.
  • Use of jmeter and loadrunner performance testing tools.

The third stage of code learning

OK, after learning the above two parts, congratulations, you are already an excellent junior test engineer.
Next, you have to consider your development direction.
Is it to become an automated test engineer?
Or is it a performance test engineer?
Or is it a security test engineer?
what! This question is so difficult! I don't know how to choose.
Anyway, I know a little bit of everything, and I can go to any position.
Regarding the choice of direction, read this article of mine.

Well, I believe you already have the answer in your mind, so let's continue to talk about it below.
At this stage, we should learn the code. Regarding the choice of programming language, I recommend python .
There is also a database that must be mastered! In the study of tools, I think you can already master the related applications of the database!
So now you can learn programming languages,
but you don't have to learn as deeply as development.
Such as Java. The same is true for python (python has become the mainstream now).
In the early stage, you can choose one of the two to learn. What is the suggestion to learn python
? You ask me what I learned.
Of course I am both.
Hahahahahahaha, no surprises! Not surprisingly!

Meager force

As an automated software tester, next I want to share some of my generalizations and summaries of technology over the years, and share with my notes on those skills that I need to master as a senior tester. I hope it will help me to be interested in technology. Friends who walked all the way down the road!

Let me share this 2021, which may be the most comprehensive knowledge architecture system diagram of the development direction of software test engineers.

2. Shell scripts
Master shell scripts, including shell basics and applications, shell logic control, shell logic functions, etc.

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3. Principles of Internet Programs The
only way for automation: basic knowledge of front-end development and essential knowledge of Internet networks.

å¨è¿  éæå¥å¾çæè¿  °

Fourth, Mysql database
Software test engineers must have knowledge of Mysql database, not just staying at the basic "addition, deletion, modification, and checking".

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Five, packet capture tools
Fiddler, Wireshark, Sniffer, Tcpdump various packet capture tools are suitable for various projects, there is always one suitable for you.

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6. Interface testing tool
Interface testing artifact, a powerful tool you can’t avoid: Jmeter. Small and flexible: Postman.

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7. Web automation test Java&Pyhton
understands the purpose of automation, and is proficient in the testng&unittest automation framework, as well as assertion and log processing.

å¨è¿  éæå¥å¾çæè¿  °

8. Interface and mobile phone automation
Professional interface call and test solutions. Build a complete web and interface automation framework, and Appium uses it as a whole.

å¨è¿  éæå¥å¾çæè¿  °

Nine, Agile Testing & TestOps Construction
Uncover the mystery of TestOps, the continuous integration of Jenkins framework is very familiar.

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​ ​

10. Performance testing & safety testing
The other side of software testing: performance testing and safety testing, choose the right direction, and try to climb the pit!

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​ ​

The above is a diagram of the knowledge architecture system for the development direction of software test engineers that I have compiled for everyone. I hope everyone can follow this system to complete the construction of such a system in 3-4 months. It can be said that this process will make you unhappy, but as long as you get through it. Life will be much easier in the future. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. As long as you take the first step, you will be halfway there. When you are finished and then look back on this journey, you will definitely feel a lot of emotion.

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2. Make yourself stronger: Think about it, if you want to continue in the testing industry, your experience and testing skills are far from enough. You need to be advanced and you need to enrich your technology stack! What are you waiting for!

Finally: [A tutorial that may help you]

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