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1. Background

In the CMS field, everyone must know that there is a world-renowned system, which is the famous Joomla. Joomla is a simple and powerful content management system (CMS) used to create, edit, archive, publish, collaborate, report, distribute data and information and other content. It can help you build powerful websites and online applications easily. Joomla has been used to support millions of websites of various types all over the world. It requires a server with PHP and MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQL Server database to run.

The advantages of Joomla are:

  • Higher stability and SEO mechanism
  • Extensive functions are very rich
  • A large number of template themes can be easily modified
  • Simple and rich operation interface
  • Support from more than 70 countries

Next, we look at how to quickly deploy Joomla

2. Installation Guidelines

Joomla recommends using docker installation. Before installation, you need to prepare a server and provide web services, install Docker, apply for a domain name, configure DNS domain name resolution, and a series of operations. This requires users to have a certain technical background, and those who are interested can refer to the official Joomla mirror. . Today, I will introduce the one-click quick deployment method provided by Tencent Cloud's open source application center service, allowing you to quickly complete the Ghost site construction work.

The first step is to log in to Tencent Cloud Open Source Application Center and search for Joomla applications.

Step 2: Click for free trial or official activation, and the activation is complete. The account and password in the figure below are your administrator account and password.

3. Guidelines for use

3.1 Log in to the background

The first thing to use Joomla is to log in to the background to do some configuration, such as website name, Metadata, seo, etc. The login address of the background is spelled /administrator after the domain name, and the Joomla opened from the Open Source Application Center will automatically assign a default account.

3.2 Login backend

Joomla's plug-in function is very powerful. Tencent Cloud Chunyu Application Center has also made several very useful plug-ins for Joomla. You can find it by searching tencent on the plug-in page, as shown in the figure:

The four plug-ins are: verification code, object storage, image content security, and text content security. For the usage of plug-ins, you can visit Tencent Cloud Open Source Plug-in Center .

3.3 Publish an article

Publishing articles is a core function of Joomla. Click Content→Article→add new article to edit the article and publish it.

After clicking save in the background, you can see the article we just published in the foreground.

Summary of experience

Joomla can quickly turn a simple website into a social blog. At present, there is a Chinese website in China, as well as its own official website. You can find more detailed instructions on it.

understand more

Free experience of open source applications:

The progress of the open source application plug-in project:



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