Open source database is just a small trick, this is a big trick Alibaba Cloud puts

At the Developer Conference on the second day of the 2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit, everyone had a lot of discussions between cloud native and developers. Everyone should be a developer, which represents the development trend of the cloud native era.

At present, cloud native has entered a golden age, let everyone become a developer, and cloud native makes dreams come true. Forrester China Chief Analyst Dai Kun (Charlie) also pointed out in his speech, "If cloud is a belief, then cloud native is an attitude."

In the field of cloud databases, this sentence can also be used to express the current hot spots:

If cloud native is a belief, then open source is an attitude

Why is open source also an attitude?

On the one hand, there are voices in the industry that oppose open source and believe that open source is a poison; on the other hand, there are voices in the industry that particularly support open source, believing that open source can achieve everything that will not be possible soon.

Obviously, these are two completely different attitudes towards open source.

In the cloud-native era, the pursuit of cloud-native is an unavoidable topic that every developer, every organization, and every enterprise pays close attention to. If cloud native is a belief, what attitude does open source need?

Li Feifei, the head of Alibaba Cloud Database (nickname: Flying Dagger), is worthy of consideration by friends in the industry. He believes that open source is not a panacea, nor a poison. Open source is just a way to give back to developers and the technical community, so that more people can participate in the forefront of technology and make technology develop faster. Always adhere to the original intention of open source, it should be the attitude of each of us towards open source.

With this attitude, some people may use open source for commercialization in the future, some people will use open source for scientific research, it doesn't matter, because the development of open source is like the Amazon rainforest, and a diversified ecology is what everyone really needs. Don't even want to control or guide others how to play this open source community, but insist on the attitude of open source, to achieve mutual feedback from a purely technical perspective.

Of course, open source is not something that can be achieved overnight, and you should not rush for success. For any manufacturer's open source construction is like the process of boiling water in daily life, from 0 degrees to 100 degrees, it will go through multiple stages. When the fire arrives, the water will naturally boil slowly.

Therefore, when cloud native becomes a belief, open source is an attitude and a process. It not only represents the common interests of all developers, organizations and companies entering open source, but also represents an unstoppable open ecological trend of "co-construction, sharing, and win-win".

Open source is a strategy, but not the lifeblood of Alibaba Cloud database

In business, all database vendors in the industry will not open source some of the core key capabilities. For example, the core control components of TiDB and TiFlash are not open source. To be more straightforward, open source is the strategy of Alibaba Cloud Database, not the lifeblood of Alibaba Cloud Database. But for database software vendors with a purely open source background, open source is the lifeblood of their development.

However, friends in the industry gave a very vivid metaphor, the Alibaba Cloud database open source strategy, in fact, is in the database field "to fight each other". What does this mean?

From the roadmap of Alibaba Cloud Database open source, by 2022, Alibaba Cloud Database will open source in batches in these two years. This is a gradual process, not one overnight, let alone a rush. Not only need to be brief, but also need to continue to adjust the open source strategy and details in the continuous advancement of the open source process.

The open source version of PolarDB for PostgreSQL this time is the distributed version of PolarDB for PostgreSQL, which includes the database kernel, related plug-ins, tool scripts, test cases, and design documents, which is suitable for core business scenarios of medium and large enterprises. This open source complies with the Apache Version 2.0 protocol and is open sourced in a mode of full sharing and respect for the original author's copyright. The code can be modified and republished.

The "three-step" open source roadmap of PolarDB for PostgreSQL:

The first step is to open source the three-node high-availability cluster version-Paxos in June 2021;

The second step is to open source the distributed version of HLC in September;

The third step is to open source Sharding and plug-in versions by March 2022.

Alibaba Cloud has turned PolarDB for PostgreSQL into a distributed cloud-native database step by step, truly creating an open source community for cloud-native database 2.0.

Fei Dao said that there is currently no plan to open source the PolarDB for MySQL version, but in terms of the MySQL ecology, the cloud database RDS MySQL version will be open sourced, and a very cool name "GalaxySQL" was born. October 2021 open source cloud native MySQL database ApsaraDB GalaxySQL Paxos high-availability cluster version, June 2022 open source cloud native distributed version.

It can be seen that the open source strategy of Alibaba Cloud database focuses on two aspects, one is in the PG (PostgreSQL) community and the other is the MySQL community. In the future, Alibaba Cloud will dig deeper into these two communities and further develop them into an autonomous, controllable and leading cloud native database 2.0 community in China. This is also an important measure of Alibaba Cloud's database open source strategy.

It is true that open source will also bring three major benefits to the future development of Alibaba Cloud Database:

One is to cultivate technical talents in the database field, establish database open source communities and organizations, so that more people can pay attention to and learn the underlying technology of the database, which will also bring more choices for Alibaba Cloud database talent recruitment;

The second is that you can use the open source community to draw on the community’s better experience and optimization on some components, and make more components better, and Alibaba Cloud can also benefit from it;

The third is to maintain an effective pace of open source, actively embrace open source, and let open source change the world, thereby continuously accelerating the innovation and development of Alibaba Cloud in the database field.

Not just open source, greater demands in the future

This future is to work with developers to build a cloud native database 2.0 ecology.

Aiming at database open source, Alibaba Cloud is not to be a Zhangbei shelter forest, but to work with developers to build an "Amazon Rainforest" in the cloud-native database world.

Of course, open source is the strongest starting point for establishing a database ecology, but it does not rule out a focus issue that friends in the industry are very concerned about. For Alibaba Cloud, how to handle the relationship between open source and closed source, that is, the relationship between open source and commercial versions development of.

Handling the development balance between the open source version and the commercial version. For the development of Alibaba Cloud in the database field, it is not only necessary to have both hands on both the open source version and the commercial version, but also to rely on the open source trend to give developers greater Support, establish a more friendly and interactive "lip-tooth interdependence" relationship, and build a cloud-native distributed database ecology. This is not only the greater demand for the development of Alibaba Cloud's database, but also the pursuit of Alibaba Cloud's rapid development.

From a technical detail, we can see Alibaba Cloud’s sincere attitude towards open source databases and full sincerity. Alibaba Cloud insists on all open source components and adopts the most developer-friendly Apache 2.0 open source protocol for the developer community. Feedback and sharing bring a better, more open and more flexible model.

Fei Dao emphasized that Alibaba Cloud chose the most friendly agreement in order to show its attitude, show its sincerity, and invite developers from all over the world to build it together.

Obviously, whether domestic or foreign, the open source of Alibaba Cloud database is open to the whole world, allowing open source to change the world.

Announced the investment of 5 billion yuan of special funds to 100 key partners to achieve high growth in cloud business. Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence and Dean of Dharma Academy, said at the 2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit on May 28 that in 2021 The key words that Alibaba Cloud focused on in the year were: good service, deep foundation, thick mid-tier and strong ecology.

I remember that in 2020, Zhang Jianfeng emphasized that the three major directions for Alibaba Cloud's re-growth are to deepen the foundation, strengthen the middle and Taiwan, and strengthen the ecology. In 2021, the keyword "good service" is added. The services here are not only support and support services for partners, applications and value services for users, but also training and support services for developers.

Therefore, open source is not only an attitude, but also a service. It is also included in the latest key "good service" of Alibaba Cloud 2021, which has become a very important part. For Alibaba Cloud, database open source is also for better service realization.

From this, it also allows us to see that the influence of Alibaba Cloud's success genes has been amplified again. Ecology will always be the core topic of the development of public cloud vendors. Only: the ecology is strong, the cloud factory is strong; the ecology is weak, the cloud factory is weak.

With the help of the database open source strategy and adhere to the belief in cloud native, Alibaba Cloud's appeal must lie in a greater ecological construction and a greater development future. The "Amazon Rainforest" of the Alibaba Cloud database is gradually becoming more abundant, and various plants are gradually becoming more and more prosperous.

Open source database is just a small trick, this is a big trick Alibaba Cloud puts

In fact, if you say one thousand words and ten thousand, whether it is open source or commercial version, both development routes are considered. Alibaba Cloud Database does have the real power to implement the keyword "good service" into practice.

Perhaps having said so much, cloud native + distributed is the real future of databases. Right? Otherwise, Alibaba Cloud also officially announced the launch of cloud-native database 2.0 one-stop data management and services on May 29, 2021.

  • Li Feifei, Vice President of Alibaba, Head of Alibaba Cloud Database

According to Li Feifei, vice president of Alibaba and head of Alibaba Cloud database, Alibaba Cloud’s years of practice and exploration in the field of cloud-native databases have found that the five core development directions must be focused and adhered to, namely: cloud-native, distributed, intelligent, Safe and reliable, offline integration, multi-mode IoT.

However, looking at the development direction of these cloud-native databases from the perspective of user needs, all of this stems from the changes brought about by the data management life cycle. From data production and integration, data real-time processing, data analysis and discovery to data development and management, each stage of the data management life cycle requires different database capabilities to deal with and support.

For example, DTS, DBS, DMS for data production and integration, RDS, PolarDB, PolarDB-X, Lindorm, NoSQL for data real-time processing, AnalyticDB, DLA, ClickHouse for data analysis and discovery, DMS for data development and management, DAS, at each stage of the data management life cycle, has corresponding products and services to match the needs of users.

According to reports, Shanghai's new energy vehicle data platform introduced the Lindorm database, a native multi-mode database of Alibaba Cloud , and its performance has been increased by astonishing 3 times. Using Lindorm's high concurrent writing, elastic expansion, real-time retrieval and analysis capabilities, as well as complete data channel guarantees, to ensure that data can be synchronized to the offline computing platform in real time, ensuring the overall stability of the data collection, loading, analysis, and computing links. High efficiency, and low cost.

And it’s worth noting that as of January 31, 2021, Shanghai’s new energy vehicles have been connected to 418,000 new energy vehicles, involving 95 car companies, 107 brands, and 777 models, and the data storage capacity has exceeded 1 PB. , The scale of data continues to be at the forefront of global cities.

Obviously, making application innovation simpler is the core problem to be solved by the cloud native 2.0 one-stop full-link data service. Open source database is just a small trick, this is a big trick Alibaba Cloud puts.

In this regard, Alibaba Cloud Database provides a one-stop full-link data service from data production and integration, data real-time processing, data analysis and discovery to data development and management, which can match the rapid growth of enterprise digital business.

As one of the leaders in the global cloud database field, since 2018, Alibaba Cloud has entered the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Databases for three consecutive years, and entered the Gartner Global Database Leaders Quadrant in 2020, becoming the first time in the basic software field to enter the Leaders Quadrant in China enterprise. Currently, Alibaba Cloud's database market share ranks among the top three in the world and the largest in the Asia-Pacific.

Driven by the open source strategy and supported by the cloud-native 2.0 one-stop experience database management and services, Alibaba Cloud is more serious about exploring the true future of databases.

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