Optimization of the problem that the RTSP video stream cannot be played online when the new version of the EasyNVR platform is tested

When users use the TSINGSEE Qingxi video platform to play videos, sometimes due to improper configuration, the problem of online playback of the video stream is sometimes caused. Therefore, we will conduct thorough testing every time before the new version is released.

In the test of the latest version of EasyNVR, when a new rtsp stream is connected, it can be played at first, but after opening the channel configuration page and saving it, a 401 error message will appear when the video stream is played again.


In the previous version of EasyNVR, in order to hide sensitive information, the complete rtsp address was not returned to the front end. In the test of this version, this problem has not been solved, so when the save button of the channel configuration is clicked, the front end will return the hidden incomplete rtsp address to the back end. After the backend judges that the rtsp address has changed, it modifies the channel configuration of the database.



After receiving the request for setting channel information from the front end, compare and judge the attached rtsp address with the rtsp address of the original database. If the received rtsp address is consistent with the original address after the sensitive information is hidden, the original rtsp address in the database is not modified.

EasyNVR supports providing a set of HTTP interfaces for secondary development of various platforms and development languages, so that it can be easily combined with the user's business system to achieve richer management functions. If you are interested in EasyNVR, please continue to pay attention to our updates.