PGCon2021 (PostgreSQL Global Developers Conference) opened, the branch's strategic partner Henco was invited to participate in the conference and published a Keynote

The PGCon conference is a conference for users and development. It has been held since 2007 and has been held for 14 sessions so far. Since the beginning of this year, due to the uncertainty of face-to-face meetings, this year’s PGCon conference has been transferred online. As the main contributor of PostgreSQL open source technology in the Asia-Pacific region, Henco, the strategic partner of the PostgreSQL branch of the China Open Source Software Promotion Alliance, participated in the PGCon developer internal Meeting, and put forward suggestions for the next development direction of PG.

At this conference, Henkel engineers delivered a keynote speech on "Automatic Repair of Data Blocks in PG", focusing on the use of checksums to verify whether the database is physically damaged, how to repair the physical damage faster after data damage, and how to make it Discuss with experts on automatic repair in the streaming replication environment. It is worth mentioning that this is a data repair function that is meaningful to the production environment. Everyone knows that the PostgreSQL database has the Full Page Write function. This function is a workaround for the PostgreSQL database without the block recovery function.

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For many years, Henco has been the core partner of the PostgreSQL branch of the China Open Source Software Promotion Alliance, deeply involved in the construction of the international PostgreSQL community, and actively participated in the PostgresConf.CN conference, PGCon Ottawa, PGConf.Asia and other domestic and foreign conferences and activities, and gradually improved the international community discourse Right, since June last year, Henkel has published more than 100 high-quality technical articles in the international PostgreSQL community, submitted more than 80,000 lines of community code, and reviewed nearly 100 community patches; at the same time, to promote open source software in Chinese universities The dissemination of PostgreSQL has further improved the learning of open source software among college students. The PostgreSQL branch of China Open Source Software Promotion Alliance has actively cooperated with Henco. At present, the two parties have promoted PostgreSQL college courses to penetrate into top universities such as Peking University and Shenzhen University. The curriculum for graduate students of Peking University has been developed for 10 sessions. During the period, Bruce Momjian, a member of the core group of the PostgreSQL international community and vice president of EDB, was invited to popularize PG open source knowledge.

As one of the most popular databases, the PostgreSQL database has been awarded the title of "Database of the Year" many times. It has been widely and maturely applied internationally. At present, more and more manufacturers in China have begun to research and use PostgreSQL. Popular in China. I hope that more and more domestic companies can continue to penetrate into the field of PostgreSQL technology like Henkel, and contribute more Chinese forces to the development of PostgreSQL database technology!