PicoVR Unity SDK⭐️ (3) Explain how to interact with the UI in detail

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1. Set the buttons to be interacted

We use the handle to interact with the UI. Which key should I use? Do I need to set it first?

1. The default interactive buttons

Let's look at the Event object in the prefab:

The SDK uses the TouchPad key for interaction by default,

It is pressing down, pressing down, vigorously, not shaking!
This way of interaction is true...

2. Custom interactive buttons

pending upgrade

Two, set up interactive UI Canvas

UI creation is still the UGUI set

Unlike normal Unity interaction, Pico needs to add something to Canvas

1. Delete the EventSystem that comes with the system

The Pvr_UnitySDK object comes with EventSystem to interact with the UI,

If you created the UI first, and then added the Pvr_UnitySDK prefab, you need to delete the EventSystem that comes with the system, otherwise you will not be able to interact.

2. Canvas

  • Add Pvr_UICanvas component
  • For 3D UI, the recommended Canvas ratio is 0.005, 0.005, 0.001, and height and width are not required.
  • EventCamera: set to Pvr_UnitySDK--Head
  • Buttons and other UIs under Canvas must be on the same plane as Canvas. That is, do not drag the interactive UI to other places.

Okay, let's pack and test!

According to international practice, one button is three dots and one wave~

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