PicoVR Unity SDK⭐️ (four) detailed explanation of basic transmission methods

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UI interaction, transmission, packaging, the basic trilogy of VR development,

Now we look at the basic transmission of Pico.

Why is it called basic transmission?

Because in this section, we talk about the most basic transmission implementation method, change:

  • The transmitted ray pattern,
  • The style of the teleporter in contact with the ground,
  • Use joystick for walking effect...

As advanced knowledge, it will be explained in the following blog.

1. Basic configuration

First of all, we still follow the basic configuration blog to complete the initial configuration of the project: portal

2. Set which hand to use for transmission

ControllerManager object-currentController property, drag the lower hand PvrController up.

  • PvrController0: left hand
  • PvrController1: have hands

Three, set the ground that can be transmitted

Not all objects need to be transmitted, because we don’t want to be transmitted to the TV.

To satisfy the teleportation, the object must be added:

  • Collider that can wrap itself up,
  • The level is set to TransparentFX

Therefore, I don’t want to send it, just don’t set the hierarchy.

4. Straight line transmission and Bethel curve transmission

The SDK defaults to Bessel curve transmission.

If you want to set it as a straight line transmission, Point object—Teleport component:

isBezierCurve Uncheck.

Okay, the basics are over, my brothers put one button and three buttons on the public screen~

In the follow-up, we will learn advanced knowledge to make VR magical~

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