Programmer and age: 40-year-old general development, 35-year-old chief architect, 30-year-old grassroots leader

Recently, there is a very popular word—— 躺平. Has anyone ever told you: "Lying flat is easier said than done,"

The opposite of Lieping is another word - 内卷, I have seen the 草卷起来了.jpgemoji package many times during group chat . For some brothers who are still studying during the holidays, we usually send an nickname - 卷怪.

内卷The big players are naturally our Internet industry. Various performance KPIs are assessed, and bonuses must be deducted at the end, which must be optimized.

内卷how come? It's also very simple. The cake is not big, and more people share it.

I saw an answer from some two days ago. At present, there are about hundreds of thousands of students in the training class every year. The actual market demand is only a fraction of the number. Then these newcomers will naturally be rolled up.


Newcomers have to roll, and old people are not easy. 程序员淘汰论It has been widely circulated. When I was just in college, it was rumored that "programmers will be eliminated by the age of 30". When I was working, I became a "programmer will be eliminated at the age of thirty-five". I wonder if I will work for a few years, will I become a "programmer will be eliminated at the age of 40" ...

The legend of the programmer being eliminated

Who TM knows? Workers for more than 20 years thought it was an iron rice bowl handed down from generation to generation. As a result, "Start Over", let's live a heroic life!

Maybe we will be eliminated, just tomorrow, maybe we will still exist tenaciously into the very distant future.

In the torrent of the times, an individual is nothing but a flat boat, floating with the waves.

It's a bit too much foreshadowing, it's almost time to enter today's theme. I want to talk about the stories of colleagues of different ages and different experiences that I came into contact with in my work, maybe our past, present, and future.

Briefly introduce the background. Small state-owned enterprises can't eat enough or die from starvation. Welfare benefits are a little bit pulled, but they are stable. There is a free time, but in the last year the business department has taken on a big project, and everyone is working overtime.

(The characters involved in the article are all pseudonyms)

Thirty-five: The big factory has been there, the small factory's chief structure

Lin Yi, the chief structure of our business department in our factory.

Lin Yi is a southerner, and when he speaks, he smells of soup. In his thirties, he has black-framed glasses, his hair is still very strong, his forehead is covered by lush bangs, he likes to wear denim, his jeans are always rolled up, and he doesn’t like others calling him "Lin Gong" or "Lin Jia". "Like, I'm happy to be called by names directly, or "Ayi" in close relationships. The mentality is very young. The social avatar is a selfie with a little cute special effect. "Ayi" looks like he is less than thirty.

Chief structure-the name is scary, and Ayi has a rich experience. He is a returnee, and his career started in our factory.

A few years ago, Ayi graduated from a second school and joined our factory. At that time, our factory was still in its heyday, and interviews required one round of written examination and two rounds of interviews. Ayi is probably the kind of hardworking technology god we have in mind. For three years, he has become the undoubted core backbone of the project.

"Becoming a core backbone" is an important point. In the third year of Ayi’s work, the boss of the business department probably couldn’t stand the state-owned enterprise’s (no) shou (have) Chen (qian) regulations (route), so he chose to leave to start a business and took away the business department. Most of the backbone-Ayi is naturally one of them.

Ayi has been in the startup company for two years, and it is unknown what he has experienced, except that he later left and joined for five years. What achievements have been made in is not known. All I know is that when he returned to our factory, he was already the chief architect of our business department, the company’s leader, who personally dug it back.

He is indeed very strong, we recognize.

The project he is currently working on is not small, with a total contract of nearly 200 million yuan-he is the technology leader.

He basically built a complete set of infrastructure from the back-end, front-end, to operation and maintenance, and even the knowledge base of the intranet was built by him. Control the overall infrastructure, solve technical/business problems, team member training, and pass on relevant knowledge...

In short, I think this chief architecture is worth it.

Ayi watched as he was running for thirty-five years, but I think he probably won’t have any career crisis, whether he stays as the chief architect, returns to a big factory as a technical expert, or goes to another small factory as a technical director. I think it shouldn't be a problem.

Ah Yi's career

If you go out, you will be the director of the architecture of a small factory, and you will be a technical expert in the big factory. Ah Yi probably lived what many technical people dreamed of.

Maybe such a big cow is too far away from our ordinary people. The experience of this old man below may be the development career of our ordinary people.

Forty: For many years, small factory general development

Brother Wu Lin, my "mentor" who entered this factory-of course, the small factory doesn't have this saying, it's just that I took me for a while when I first came in.

Brother Wu Lin, I don't know the exact age, he only knows that he has been in the field of software development for more than ten years. The older brother's hairline is slightly higher, he is slightly fat, and he always has a nice smile on his face.

My brother entered the industry very early, a few years ago, and he started writing C++. He spent three years in a military industry company. After leaving, he went to another software company. It was probably at this time that he switched to Java development. I stayed in that company for about six years, and then came to our factory. This is already the seventh year.

Brother is not a great technical man. For some newer technologies, SpringCloud, SpringBootd, etc., my brother didn't use it very smoothly at the beginning, and sometimes I even need to ask me. However, when writing business, the technology is just that little thing, and the complicated thing is the business itself. My brother soon began to write complex business.

In terms of business and experience, my brother is truly outstanding. In terms of business, if you have any questions, you are absolutely right to ask him. He can tell you who to call if he doesn't know it himself. If there are some things that he can't even say one, two, three, then no one else in this department knows. The old man is also very good at solving problems. Many of the angles of solving problems are extremely tricky. Watching him pull out of the intricate code and locate the problem, it really has an eye-opening feeling.

The old man is also very Buddhist, and he is probably really "lying down". Before the leader intended to promote him as a project manager, he took the initiative to push him out. Later, he didn't want to participate in the company's key projects, but the leaders felt that he could only do some tasks.

The old man is very humble and easy-going. He is also willing to ask us young people who don’t know how to do. He is also willing to teach us what he knows.

Of course, there is a reality that must be faced: Brother must accept the same work intensity as our young people. In the previous March, six days a week, the old man was basically the last one to leave. He even rented a cabin with only one bed within one kilometer of the company, which is convenient for taking a break from get off work every day.

The career of Wu Lin brother

My brother probably won't move anymore. Currently in this project, his work is a more important piece. This project has to be maintained for at least ten years. With his easygoing personality, he should have been relatively stable for the past ten years.

Thirty: Outsourcing out of the pit, the leader of the grassroots of the small factory

The last one is about my immediate leader, my team leader, Zhang Tao.

Zhang Tao, it can be said that since my work, I have encountered a better temper than the best Leader. We call him Taotao in private.

Taotao, wearing silver-wire glasses, is tall and has a gentle temperament, and looks like a schoolmaster. It is difficult to associate him with college graduates.

A few years ago, Taotao Specialist entered the industry. There was no alternative but to become an outsourcing company for our factory.

In the third year of outsourcing Taotaogan, he wanted to leave, not because he couldn't bear the pain of outsourcing-it was too idle. Yes, at that time our factory was still like a state-owned enterprise. In order to keep him, the leader gave him two promises: 1. He must be converted; 2. Let him have a job (?? Haha, I wonder if he will regret his youth and ignorance).

Taotao resigned from outsourcing, interviewed symbolically, and joined the headquarters. After working for a while, some of the backbone of the department walked away after obtaining the household registration. At this time, the leader asked him to go up as the leader of the group.

Taotao career

Taotao is very special, saying that he is "rolling", he has been in this company that is not well paid for six years; saying that he is "laying flat", he is working very hard and earnestly.

The department’s technology was very old before. Later, there was an experimental small project, and the leader ordered him to take it. He was also a project manager and a developer. He didn't know the technology and stayed up late to learn; he didn't have the front-end to go on his own, and bit the project. ——For two consecutive years, the company's outstanding employees have him.

Nowadays, as the morale of the entire project is low, Taotao, as a grassroots leader, may not be excellent because of its objective conditions, but it is absolutely serious and responsible, and it can even be said that it is exhausting. In addition to project management, it also provoked the burden of front-end development, technical tackling, and business coordination. It can be said that the most difficult and difficult work has been taken over. Every day, he is basically the last one to go.

Be amazingly dedicated!

I don't know what will happen to our small factory in the future? Will this project return to its previous idle state after being busy?

Taotao, he will probably stay here, after all, he has been here for six years since graduation.

Continue to stay, maybe one day there will be a vacant position, he has a chance to go up, maybe he has always been a grassroots leader who is not embarrassed or embarrassed.

Who knows?

This is the end of the story of my three colleagues of different ages and different experiences.

I want to tell their story in a cooler style like a documentary, but I can't hold back the writing, that's it.

I don’t know. After reading it, what do you think about 内卷and 躺平?

As for me, after writing this article, I washed and 躺平took up my quilt .

"Repeating simple things, doing repetitive things seriously, doing serious things creatively!"——
I am a three-point evil, you can call me the third child/three-pointer/third-brother/third-child, a full-stack development capable of cultural and military skills, see you in the next issue!