Realization of ATM System Based on JavaWeb

Item Number: KS019

Project operating environment description

Development tools: IDEA / ECLIPSE

Database: MYSQL5.7

Application server: TOMCAT8.5.31

Background development technology: JSP, Servlet

Front-end development technology: javascript, css, bootstrap

VX: baozai_7788

This project mainly implements a system that simulates ATM machine deposits, withdrawals, and transfers. You can view and print transaction details, and back-end users can manage user account card information. This system is mainly for computer students to do course design or use without homework during the course. The function is complete, the interface is beautiful and generous. If your course design or homework is about ATM deposit and withdrawal, you can consider using it. This system includes a complete source code and a database, and a supporting documentation.

Here are some of the functions of the system:

Front page

user login

After the front-end user logs in, the home page displays user information

change Password

Check bank card balance

Bank card deposit

Bank card withdrawal: the withdrawal amount cannot be greater than the current balance

Bank card transfer

Paging query transaction details

Backstage management function

user login

Bank card user list: fuzzy search can be realized

User information modification and deletion

Bank card user add

The system imitates the functions of bank ATM cash machines and is developed and realized in the form of WEB. It has complete functions, simple and generous interface, and can freely switch the background interface style of the system through CSS, which is more suitable for course design or future assignments.