Realization of College Teaching Material Management System Based on SSM

Item number: BS-GX-024

Project operating environment:

Development tools: IDEA / ECLIPSE

Database: MYSQL5.7

Application server: TOMCAT8.5.31

JDK: 1.8

Development technology: JSP/SERVLET/JDBC

Front page : css+jquery

Vx: baozai_7788

This project is based on SSM to implement a university textbook management system, which mainly implements related process operations such as the certification and distribution of textbooks. The system is divided into three roles: one is the administrator role, which can perform related management operations on all functional module information; the other is the role of teacher, which mainly realizes the subscription application and management of teaching materials; the third is the role of class leader, which mainly realizes the distribution of teaching materials. The subscription and delivery of teaching materials need to be approved by the administrator before they can be carried out.

The following shows the specific functions of the project:

Project landing page: You can choose different roles when you log in

Course Management Module

Teaching material management

Monitor management

Teacher management

Textbook release review

Textbook subscription review

Inventory View

Announcement management

Squad leader role login system

Announcement View

Teacher role login system

Textbook Evidence

Inventory View

Announcement View

The above is a demonstration of some of the functions of the system. This system has complete functions and clear business processes, which is suitable for graduation design.