Realization of Online Book Mall System Based on JavaWeb

Item Number: BS-SC-010

Development tools: IDEA / ECLIPSE

Database: MYSQL5.7

Application server: TOMCAT8.5.31

JDK: 1.8

Development technology: JSP/SERVLET/JDBC

Front page : css+jquery

Vx: baozai_7788

This project mainly realizes a set of online florist mall system based on JavaWeb developed with books as the main product. The system has complete functions, simple and generous pages, suitable for graduation design or course design.

The following shows some of the functions of the system:

Front-end page display:


Store user registration

Foreground user login

Add to cart


View individual orders

Online message function

Backstage management system

User Management

Commodity classification management

Merchandise management

Backstage order management

Modify order delivery status

Message management

News management

The above are some of the functions of this online book store system. The system has complete functions and simple and generous pages, which is suitable for graduation design or course design.