Realization of Online Exam Management System Based on Springboot

Item number: BS-XX-067

Operating environment:

Development tools: IDEA / ECLIPSE

Database: MYSQL5.7+Redis

Application server: TOMCAT8.5.31

JDK: 1.8

Background development technology: Springboot+mybatis+springmvc

Front-end development technology: Jquery+Bootstrap

Vx: baozai_7788

This project is based on Springboot to develop and implement a set of online examination and test management system. Basically completed the corresponding basic functions required by the online examination system. The basic functions of the system are complete, and some small functions have not been realized. Basically, the whole process from question preparation to test paper composition to examination and correction of test paper scores is completed. In addition, the interface design is beautiful and generous, the operation is convenient, and the interaction is good, which are the advantages of this project. It is more suitable for graduation design.

The system is divided into three roles:

Administrator: can manage student information, teacher information, exam information, course information, score information, and post and reply management in the discussion area

Teacher: After entering the system, you can manage the test questions, exams, courses, and correct test papers of the course you are holding.

Students: After entering the system, you can take the exam, check your own test scores, and check the test questions of your own discipline.

The following specifically shows the relevant functions of the system:

As an administrator, enter the demonstration of all the functions of the display, and the actual project can implement different operations after entering the system as students, teachers, and assistants.

System front page

login page

After the administrator logs into the system

Exam management

Test management

Course management

Class management of courses taken

Add students to the class

Upload course syllabus

Course questionnaire management

Performance management

Student Management

Teaching Assistant Management

Teacher management

Discussion Forum Post Management

Comment management

Personal information management:

Front-end function display:

online examination

Take the test

Question Bank Center Review

Discussion Forum Forum

Due to space limitations, I only demonstrate some of the functions of the system. It should be said that the overall functions of the system are still very complete, the interface design is also very elegant, and the operation is also very convenient. It is a rare and excellent graduation design system.