Recommend a Spring Boot + MyBatis + Vue music website

A music player project was recommended some time ago. However, that is the command line version of NetEase Cloud Music , which is too hardcore.

Today I recommend a music website project. The front-end technology stack is based on Vue.js to develop the front-end and back-end, the back-end is based on Spring Boot + MyBatis, and the database uses MySQL.

The system includes the basic functions of music websites: music playback, user management, song management, playlist management, singer information, lyrics display, music playback-related functions, and background management.

Front system display

Backstage management system

02. How to deploy?

1. Download the project to the local

git clone

Use the above git command or website to download:

2. Download resources

The static resources in this project need to be downloaded by yourself, including the songs and pictures that the website relies on. Put the files in the data folder directly into the music-server folder.

This piece can actually crawl music information on the Internet, make a database of your own, or call open APIs.

链接: 提取码: gwa4

3. Modify the configuration file

Create a database: Import the tp_music.sql file in the music-website/music-server/sql folder into the database.

Modify the back-end configuration file:

1. Modify the datasource user name and password configuration

2. Modify the resource loading path, otherwise the resource cannot be loaded.

4. Start the project

Deploy music-server to monitor requests from the front end and provide responses. Music-client and music-manage are the front-end and back-end pages of this project, respectively. Deploying these two projects can start the front-end page, monitor user interaction, and request the back-end.

The backend must be started at runtime. Both front-end projects can be started, or only one of them can be started. They are independent.

Start the backend: enter the music-server folder and run the following command to start the server

// 方法一./mvnw spring-boot:run// 方法二mvn spring-boot:run // 前提装了 maven

Start the foreground: enter the music-client folder, run the following command to start the foreground project

npm install // 安装依赖npm run dev // 启动前台项目

Start the background: enter the music-manage folder, run the following command to start the background management project

npm install // 安装依赖npm run dev // 启动后台管理项目

For this open source project, you can follow the official account "Wandering GitHub" and reply " 0606 " to download.

Finally, to prevent you from not being able to find this article, you can bookmark and like it so that you can read it easily.Welcome to follow the official account and visit GitHub (ggGithub).

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