Review | Cao Cheng, head of the back-end technology of Crossfire, brings TcaplusDB to the Tencent Cloud Game & New Entertainment Sub-forum of the IGS Conference

On May 26, the Tencent Cloud Games & New Culture and Entertainment Sub-forum at the 3rd IGS·Global Digital Cultural and Creative Development Conference came to a successful conclusion!


This time, Tencent Cloud explained the relevant interpretations of technology to achieve future life from the three aspects of voice technology upgrades, interactive entertainment in the real Internet innovation, and game security attack and defense challenges. At the same time, Tencent Cloud invited major players from the game industry to crossfire mobile games, Rubik’s Cube game studios, and industry cutting-edge service providers Unity and hyperparameters to share cutting-edge practices, while focusing on the application of technologies such as database, game AI, and game testing. Practical experience with popular games, sharing leading experience and industry thinking.

This time, TcaplusDB takes everyone to focus on reviewing the best case brought by the back-end technical leader of the CrossFire mobile game: TcaplusDB, the self-developed database behind the "CrossFire" mobile game.


"Crossing the Line of Fire: Gun Fight King" is the official CF mobile game, jointly created by Smile gate and Tencent Tianmei Studio. It is a competitive game with PVP as the core, multi-mode gameplay, and multiple systems of e-sports, social networking, and live broadcast.

As a national mobile game, "Cross Fire Mobile Game" achieved tens of millions of DAU at the end of 2015, and has continued to operate stably so far. So, what kind of background technology supports this achievement? Many players will think about this issue.

With the continuous increase of DAU, it is obvious that the original relational DB has poor scalability, low research and operation efficiency, and the contradiction between performance and cost can no longer meet business needs. At the scene, the handsome Cheng Cheng teacher shared his thoughts on the selection of game database for the CrossFire mobile game and the stability, scalability, ease of use, performance and cost, and successful cases of Tencent's self-developed database TcaplusDB. The whole process of evaluation. The response was overwhelming, and the audience was full of rewards!

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As a distributed NoSQL database produced by Tencent, TcaplusDB always aims to develop the most advanced cutting-edge database, and the code for storage and scheduling is completely self-developed. For the long-term development of a game business, the operation and maintenance cost of database products and a rich ecosystem are very important. TcaplusDB technology is complex and difficult to develop. It has the characteristics of cache + landing integration architecture, tens of millions of QPS, PB storage, millisecond latency, lossless horizontal expansion, and complex data structure. At the same time, it has a rich ecology, convenient migration, and extreme Low operation and maintenance costs and five nines of high availability, etc., perfectly meet the high requirements of the CrossFire mobile game on the database, and support its continuous and stable operation.

TcaplusDB provides the ability to switch between in-process data in memory and disk. Active data is stored in memory and inactive data is stored in disk. This method is more cost-effective than full-memory storage. The extremely low operation and maintenance cost of TcaplusDB keeps the game business's expenditure on the database in the long-term development at an ideal level. The rich ecology makes TcaplusDB well compatible with the game business.

Not only that, Tencent Cloud TcaplusDB has also been widely recognized in the market, with customers covering games, the Internet, government affairs, finance, manufacturing, and the Internet of Things. As a leading key-value database in China, Tencent Cloud TcaplusDB has been committed to providing customers with cost-effective, high-performance, and secure data storage services and data experience.