Self-taught Java programming for four years in university, summed up these four valuable experiences!


Hello everyone, I am your Qing brother,First of all, thank you everyone for your attention and long-term support, especially those friends who give me a thumbs up every time I read my article, thank you very much! As you may see, what I share is mainly based on Java technology, but since I learned Java by myself from university, in addition to pure Java technology, what I will also share is:

My personal gains and losses in the process of self-learning programming are simply my own learning experience, as well as the summary of programming learning experience, methods and skills.

At the same time, I personally will continue to study by myself, master more programming knowledge, and then organize what I have learned and comprehend into an introductory tutorial suitable for beginners to learn. The goal I hope to achieve is to help those who want Novice Xiaobai learns to get started faster and more efficiently.

Because I know that it is not easy to learn programming by myself, especially when I just started, I don’t know anything, and I can’t get started when I encounter problems. The feeling is really uncomfortable. So when I first started to learn programming, I really wanted someone Feel free to ask, ask for advice , or some people can share some programming learning experiences, methods and skills.

Although most of the successes cannot be replicated, the experience accumulated by the predecessors can help us avoid a lot of detours. I have seen many people who want to learn programming by themselves. It is over before it starts, because it was really too early at the beginning. It's not easy. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning. What I want to do now is to help these people get started and grow up with them smoothly!

So here, you will get the following:

  1. Continuously escalating programming learning experience, methods and techniques and other dry goods
  2. Constantly updated original introductory tutorial
  3. A good teacher and helpful friend on the road to programming learning

I will do my best to do the above three points!

Today’s sharing must come up with heavyweight dry goods!

Today's content is very short, but very dry! Looking forward to watching and forwarding your likes!

Many people will ask me various questions about learning programming in private, such as:

  • 1. Can I teach myself programming?
  • 2. What language should I learn?
  • 3. How to improve learning efficiency?
  • 4. What should I do if I learn to forget?
  • 5. Is there any learning experience to share?

To be honest, as an aspiring young man who has been studying programming by himself for four years in college, I feel deeply about these issues, so I won’t talk too much nonsense.This time I will share with you four tips and skills about programming learning, This is all summed up by my constant trial and error, remember to like and collect!

First: Good condition will never come

When many people first started learning programming, they always wanted to wait until they were ready to do it. For example, wait for me to learn something and then do something. No, I can’t do this, I can’t do that. No, the current level of knowledge is not enough, I still need to continue to learn what to do.

Really, don’t wait for the so-called good state, because good state will never come, What you need is to do it now,For a self-student, a good state is the present!

Second: Ask if you don’t understand? So wrong

We often say, "If you don't understand, just ask, it's for good scholars, is that really the case?" For programming learning, I think it’s a big mistake, but it should actually beCheck if you don't understand, That is, if you are determined to start learning programming, then You must change a mindsetThat is "change from asking if you don’t understand to checking if you don’t understand" . If you don’t understand, don’t ask others in a hurry. You should take the time to find relevant solutions online. Remember, this ability will Let you benefit for life!

Learning programming, the better you are, the more you will find a cold truth. Many times, when you encounter a problem and want to find someone to help you solve it, you will find that it is really difficult. There is a high probability that no one will pay attention to you. Let’s talk about this in detail later.

Remember, your best teacher is a search engine, Google is recommended.

Third: forgetting knowledge is not a disease

Presumably every programming learner suffers from it, that is, the knowledge is forgotten. I think I was trapped here at the beginning. I tried a lot of solutions, but the results were not very good. Until the end, I was considered to be a master. Realized

  • 1. The knowledge itself is complicated and contains a lot of content. You can’t know everything and remember everything.
  • 2. Don't treat forgetting as a problem to solve, because you can't solve it at all, forgetting is normal, everyone is like this
  • 3. If you use it too much, you will remember it naturally, but if you don’t use it too much, remember why
  • 4. If you forget it, look at it again

(The above sharing is really important. I hope you think carefully and understand. Sometimes, if you want to understand one thing, you will feel suddenly brightened and relaxed a lot. I hope you feel that way)

So, as a programmer, I strongly recommend blogging! Also, if you are justIf you start to write a blog, I actually recommend choosing some of the more mature blogging platforms.,Such as CSDN, Blog Garden and Nuggets, etc. It is not too recommended to toss about self-built blogs.

Because at the beginning, what you need is feedback, a positive incentive!

Fourth: watch it more than once, not as good as the actual operation

Programming learning is ultimately to be used. Therefore, no matter which programming language you learn, you must use the language you learn to create something as much as possible. Some things, if you read it many times, it is not as good as you do it yourself. Again, remember,In programming learning, actual combat is a very, very important stage, The goal you want to achieve is to use the programming language you have learned as a tool that you can use at will, and use it to implement some of your ideas.

Many self-taught programming people feel that their learning time is quite long, but they feel that their knowledge level has not improved much. A large part of the reason is that you may be lacking in actual combat.

Is theory important when learning programming? Of course it is important and very important, but I think actual combat is more important. If the two must only choose one, I will definitely choose actual combat without hesitation.

The more you learn, the better you will understand why!

At last:

As the saying goes, it’s good to teach apprentices and masters to starve to death. Therefore, generally, some empirical things are summed up by their own hard work, which consumes a lot of time and energy, and many people are reluctant to share them. Especially in programming, I feel afraid that others will learn it and surpass myself, and why I would share it? That is because I think that empirical things such as methods can be continuously upgraded, and one's thinking is always limited.

So, I share it, everyone brainstorms to make good ideas better!

In addition,If you are not good at thinking, no matter how good the experience is, it will be tasteless for you.So, I have shared the four points above, I hope you can think about it, look forward to your feedback, look forward to upgrading again!