Several kinds of errors in TFS mapping

Server replacement

The development team replaced a new TFS server, and the old TFS server was discontinued. But when connecting to the new server from the client VS2005 and downloading the source code to the local original working folder, an error message appears, saying that the local folder has been mapped to the old server and the source code cannot be obtained from the new server. Through source code management-workspace management, after deleting all the workspace items related to the old server, this prompt still appears.
Find the latest versioncontrol, the path is as shown in the figure:

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your path may also be: C:/Documents and Settings/current user/Local Settings/Application Data/Microsoft/Team Foundation/1.0/Cache/VersionControl.config and
open the file, as shown below :

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Delete the label selected in the picture!

Computer replacement for local use

For example, I, the company just changed a 1W4 (ThinkPad), Versailles ~~~
and equipped with a new environment OS: Oracle installation is really mortal, wait for time to change the Oracle installation and uninstallation steps!
This kind of display of the blue word mapping path is normal.

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This is an error display, and the path is the path on the computer that I originally used!

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Because the internal user identification of tfs identifies the same login user, the server matches the path used last time!


First select the root path, the name corresponding to your root file name, select the box as shown below,

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turn this to blue, and then download the document code again. . . . Do not find other ways, it is a waste of time!
The error occurred this time because I changed the local name of the file after downloading the code!