Software Engineering Course III-DAY2

Solve the problem

1. To solve the problem of mysql crash, after analysis and deliberation, mysql was uninstalled and reinstalled.

2. Report an error:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '`******`' at line 1mysql> ALTER USER USER() IDENTIFIED BY '******';

When resetting the password, outside the password is the single quotation mark on the left side of the ENTER key

But in the table building statement:

 CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `user`(    -> `userPhone` VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,    -> `password` VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,    ->  PRIMARY KEY(`userPhone`)    -> )ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;

Outside of each value is the sign above the tab key.

3. Idea connection database error: Server returns invalid timezone. Need to set'serverTimezone' property.

The solution refers to the time difference between idea and mysql connection

4. Learn and complete the configuration of mybatis

5.Error while fetching


After switching to AUTO here, test the connection. If it doesn’t work, just change the network.

Experience sharing (this is simply the sinkhole I have stepped on)

There is one thing that I think is very strange no matter what I think (the words of praise are omitted here), when I used the @Param annotation in the morning, it was red, and I clicked the small red light bulb to remind me of add maven dependency or something, so I clicked it in. Then enter this interface, which looks like this:

Then there are many items displayed below, I select and click add without thinking about it, and then there is no response at all? ? ?

Later, I changed the strategy to start with the manifest file pom.xml and added the following lines:

<dependency>			<groupId>org.apache.ibatis</groupId>			<artifactId>ibatis-core</artifactId>			<version>3.0</version>		</dependency>

However, the content in the middle of the label is all red again!

After repeatedly consulting the information, I analyzed the problem that the idea version could not keep up, and updated the idea...

One minute, two minutes later, restart-so far the problem is finally solved! But after the update, my permanent activation account is gone, so secretly wailing, this solution cost is too great! After searching for a circle, I haven’t found a usable activation code. There is no way. I will try it for 30 days first. Alas, the deadline is approaching, and I’m thinking of a way to reactivate it. quq


mybatis official document