Springboot+bootstrap+thymeleaf+shiro project "Morning House Online Rental"

1. Technical introduction

Operating System: Windows
Web Server: Tomcat
Database: MySQL
server development language: JAVA
browser: FireFox, Chrome and other
front-end development: javascript, html, css, jquery , Ajax, Bootstrap , etc.

2. System description

There are about three types of users in the system, one is an ordinary user, the other is the owner of each city's Chenguang community, and there is a system administrator. Different functions need to be customized according to these three different types of users. For example, for the administrator of the entire system, he needs to have a management function for the users of the entire system, including ordinary users and the owners of each city's morning light community, and for the owners of the community, he needs to give him the function of back-end house management. And from the perspective of all users of the system, in addition to providing them with a basic operation interface, there should also be a certain degree of protection from the perspective of operational safety, that is, the distribution and management of permissions. In addition, it is also very important, that is, the aesthetics of this page, the color, layout and operation habits of the page must meet the basic needs of users, there must be dynamic data interaction, and the page is clean and easy to understand. The use case diagram of the system is as follows:

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The ER diagram of the owners and houses of Chenguang Community is as follows:

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Three, the main function of the system

3.1 Registered users
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3.2 Front page
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