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Do you dare to believe it? Tsinghua graduate student actually used 20 knowledge graphs to finish the big data

Top ten curriculum system topics are presented for you in detailLINUX basics + SCAL A, PYTHON programming language topic series Distributed Storage Special Series Distributed Storage and Cache Special Series Redis distributed cache database Thematic series of distributed coordination and data fusion tools Sqoop and Flume Distributed Offline Computing Special Topic

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The Huawei interviewer asked me: Do you really understand the Java garbage collector? I am angry! ! (︶︿︶)

The first stage : Serial garbage collector: Before jdk1.3.1, the Java virtual machine only supports the Serial collectorThe second stage : Parallel Garbage Collector: With the emergence of multi-core, Java introduced a parallel garbage collector to make full use of multi-core performance to improve the efficiency of garbage collectionThe third

resource integration

❤️Full stack technical information, you deserve to have ❤️(Recommended collection) | Find the treasure of C station

Article DirectoryPreface1. AlgorithmTwo, C languageThree, PythonFour, JavaFive, the front endSix, the back endSeven, games8. Artificial IntelligenceNine, operation and maintenance10. Interview with a major factoryPrefaceCSDN Let's technology will be friends , gathered . The bloggers are very friendly and they speak very nicely . There are outstanding graduates holding dozens of manufacturers offer; there

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Data structure and algorithm: Finally, the breadth-first traversal of the graph can be explained clearly in three languages ​​(C, C#, JavaScript) (recommended collection)

Article DirectoryAnalysis of the breadth-first traversal process of the adjacency matrix storage graphC language to achieve queue programmingAdd the processing function of the graph to the programRe-analysis of resultsC# language implements the breadth-first traversal of the graph and displays the breadth-first traversal of the spanning treeJavaScript language implements the breadth-first

data structures and algorithms

Don't ask me what books and online courses I recommend, this time I have contributed all the materials I have kept for a long time (part 1), I recommend collecting!

Usually, many readers and friends ask if there are any online courses recommended for study books? Today, I summarized a programmer-related book and online course based on my own learning experience and the experience of a few friends around me. 1. C languagebooksThe first book "C Programming Language" , Machinery Industry


String-Palindrome Automata

Article DirectoryprincipletemplateexampleP5496 [Template] Palindrome Automaton (PAM)SP7586 NUMOFPAL-Number of PalindromesP3649 [APIO2014] Palindrome stringprinciplePalindromes_Automaton (PAM), also called palindrome tree, is an efficient algorithm for solving palindrome problems and can solve many palindrome problems that Manacher's algorithm cannot solve. It can solve the number of palindrome strings, the number of palindrome

operating system

Operating system-detailed explanation of processor scheduling (scheduling levels and algorithms such as FCFS, SPF, RR, etc.)

table of Contents Scheduling level Processor scheduling algorithm Evaluation index Non-deprivation/preemptive Non-preemptive priority scheduling algorithm First come first served (FCFS) Short process first (SPF) Response Ratio Priority Algorithm (HRRN) Deprivation/preemption Shortest remaining time first (SRTN) Time slice round-robin scheduling algorithm (RR) Preemptive priority scheduling algorithm Multi-level feedback queue