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It took me 5 months to get through 300 pages of Ali P8 pure hand-printing, and to understand Redis deeply, and successfully joined Ant

PrefaceRedis is an open source log-based, Key-Value database written in ANSIC language, supporting the network, memory-based or persistent, and provides APIs in multiple languages. From March 15, 2010, the development of Redis is hosted by VMware. Since May 2013, the development of Redis has been sponsored by Pivotal. Redis supports


Do you dare to believe it? Tsinghua graduate student actually used 20 knowledge graphs to finish the big data

Top ten curriculum system topics are presented for you in detailLINUX basics + SCAL A, PYTHON programming language topic series Distributed Storage Special Series Distributed Storage and Cache Special Series Redis distributed cache database Thematic series of distributed coordination and data fusion tools Sqoop and Flume Distributed Offline Computing Special Topic

Big Data Hive in 2021 (1): Basic Concepts of HiveIn the early hours of the night, my girlfriend asked what a data warehouse was, and my answer surprised her, and then found out. . .

The most detailed series of Hive articles in the entire network, it is strongly recommended to collect and pay attention!Later updated articles will list historical article directories to help you review the key points of knowledge.table of Contents Historical articles Preface Hive basic concepts 1. Introduction to Hive


Programmer's Architecture Training: Outline of Architecture Design, Business, Application, Technology, and Data Architecture

Architecture designIn the process of architecture design, we will make different architecture designs as needed, and certain core elements of architecture design need to be involved in the design. Architecture design summaryArchitecture design is a transformation from business requirements to system implementation. It is a process of further in-depth analysis


Big data development must learn to read yarn logs: Task fault tolerance mechanism, task speculative execution, counter

Background: Yarn's web interface is more or less viewed by all big data development, such as task running failure, task running slowly, viewing detailed task running progress, detailed error troubleshooting, debugging, etc. However, from the actual feedback, many big data developers are not in-depth about the log view of the

about the python crawler series

Is it difficult to get started with Python? How to plan a learning route? No quality learning materials? Look here, you won't be disappointed! ! !

Is it difficult to get started with Python ? How to plan a learning route? Python is a cross-platform computer programming language. Python is now widely used in various neighborhoods. The upward trend in recent years is very obvious, and the future development prospects are also very broad. Now there are


Architectural decryption from distributed to microservices: a comprehensive explanation of full-text retrieval middleware

Full text search and message queue middlewareIn the previous chapters, we learned the basic knowledge and skills necessary to build a distributed system, such as the basic theory of distributed systems, network programming technology, RP architecture, memory computing distributed file system, distributed computing framework, etc. But it’s not enough