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[Business Intelligence] Data Warehouse (Multidimensional Data Model | Multidimensional Data Analysis)

Business Intelligence Series Article Directory[Business Intelligence] Data Preprocessing [Business Intelligence] Data Warehouse (Multidimensional Data Model | Multidimensional Data Analysis) Article DirectoryBusiness Intelligence Series Article DirectoryPreface1. The difference between data warehouse and traditional databaseSecond, the data warehouse system architectureThree, multi-dimensional data model1. Star mode2. Snow flake mode3. Fact constellationsFourth, online analysis


It took me 5 months to get through 300 pages of Ali P8 pure hand-printing, and to understand Redis deeply, and successfully joined Ant

PrefaceRedis is an open source log-based, Key-Value database written in ANSIC language, supporting the network, memory-based or persistent, and provides APIs in multiple languages. From March 15, 2010, the development of Redis is hosted by VMware. Since May 2013, the development of Redis has been sponsored by Pivotal. Redis supports

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Four, users and permissions

Four, users and permissionsOracle11g basics-default userOracle11g basics-create a new userprofile (profile) management user 1profile (profile) management user 2Oracle11g basics-permissionsOracle11g basics-system permissionsOracle11g basics-object permissionsOracle11g basics-role managementOracle11g basics-change and delete usersThe ALTER USER command can be used to change the passwordDROP USER command is used to delete usersMaster the use of establishing


[JDBC] JDBC, JdbcUtil tool source code, sql injection problems, transactions, database connection pool (DBCP)

Article Directory1. What is jdbc?2. Steps to connect to the database:JdbcUtil tool class source code:Three, sql injection problem:Four, affairsexampleFive, database connection pool1. What is jdbc?Database driver : Establish a connection between the application and the databasejdbc : In order to simplify the operation of the developer's consent,