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Docker deployment specification-directory structure and auxiliary tools

Article DirectoryDocker deployment specification-directory structure and auxiliary toolsStandardize the deployment directory structureAuxiliary tools to solveFeaturesreferenceDocker deployment specification-directory structure and auxiliary toolsThis specification summarizes the practice of multiple projects, through the standardization of the directory structure, combined with auxiliary tools , can reduce the repetitive work and communication workload in the deployment


Docker builds a graphical interface portainer1.24.2, quickly builds a Worpress 5.7.2 site

SummaryPorttainer introductionInstall portainerBuild wordpressConfigure wordpressPorttainer introductionPortainer is a visual graphical management tool for container images. With Portainer, you can easily build, manage and maintain a Docker environment. Official website: https://documentation.portainer.io/ Install portainerCreate command docker run -d -p 9000:9000 --restart=always \ -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/


Linux operation and maintenance container docker private warehouse harbor production construction

Article DirectoryAn introduction to harbor warehouseIntroductionContrast with registryCore componentsTwo deploy harbor warehouseInstall docker compoas docker-ceInstall harbor on the server sidetest resultAccess web interfaceAdd itemCreate userLog in and upload the image on the server consolelog inUpload imageOther client upload mirror solutionAn introduction to harbor warehouseIntroductionHarbor is a private warehouse of docke.


Performance monitoring of JMX monitoring Java applications in Docker containers

Article DirectoryI. IntroductionSecond, the problems encountered1. Problem phenomenon2. Problem analysisThree, the solutionFour, summaryI. IntroductionWhen configuring docker and JMX monitoring today, I saw a detail that is different from the JMX configuration in a non-container environment. So write it here for others to refer to. Second, the problems encountered1. Problem phenomenonUnder


Dokcer Operation and Maintenance-Harbor Private Warehouse Actual Combat

Dokcer Operation and Maintenance-Harbor Private Warehouse Actual Combat1. Harbor overview2. The core components of Harbor1.Proxy2.Registry3.Core services4.Database5.Log collector3. Harobor Private Warehouse Actual Combat① Environmental configuration② Deploy harbor③ Check Harbor status④ New project for testingServer testClient test1. Harbor overviewHarbor can provide a visual web management interface, which


docker - Docker persistence, data sharing, compose multi-container deployment

One, understand docker persistence1. Docker persistence solution2. Data volume for data persistence3. Bind mounting of data persistence4. Practical demonstration of bind mountingTwo, understand docker compose1. Deploy wordprocess (exercise)1.1 Create a mysql database container1.2 Deploy wordpress container1.3 Browser access2. Docker compose deployment application2.1 Install docker compose2.