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big talk about ivx from actual combat to proficient

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About the AuthorAuthor name: 1_bit Introduction: CSDN blog expert, TOP5 blog star in 2020, signed author of Blue Bridge. In 15-16, he was broadcast live on the Internet, leading a group of programmers to embark on the road of programmers. Welcome everyone to join me and consult me ​​for

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Nodejs connects to mysql and reports an error: throw err; // Rethrow non-MySQL errors

Nodejs connects mysql error: throw err; // Rethrow non-MySQL errorsError reporting environment:mysql8.0 or above, windows10, 64-bit Rollover sceneD:\fore-end\node\08-使用mysql获取数据\node_modules\mysql\lib\protocol\Parser.js:437 throw err; // Rethrow non-MySQL errors ^ TypeError: Cannot read property 'query' of undefined at D:\fore-end\node\08-使用mysql获取数据\db\db.js: