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ant classroom 6th actual combat project video notes

Based on Vue+SpringCloudAlibaba Microservice E-commerce Project Actual Combat-Building Member Service-010: Quickly Integrate WeChat Joint Login Based on the Strategy Model

010: Quickly integrate WeChat joint login based on the strategy model1 Integrated WeChat joint login effect demonstration2 Principles of WeChat Joint Login to Obtain User Information3 Generate WeChat oatuh2.0 authorization link address4 Obtain user's basic information according to openid5 Quickly integrate WeChat joint login based on the strategy model6

dachang interview questions

It’s hard to explain AQS, but the interviewer asked me to talk about the application scenarios, so I had to talk about CountDownLatch again~~~

Article DirectoryPrefaceCountdownLatch source code explanationCountDownLatch constructorcountDown() icon, source code explanationawait() icon, source code explanationto sum upCSDN exclusive benefits are coming! ! !At last PrefaceThe bloggers have been wandering in the Niuke Mianjing area all the year round, summarizing the high-frequency exam questions from big companies such as Byte, Ali, Baidu, Tencent,


It took me 5 months to get through 300 pages of Ali P8 pure hand-printing, and to understand Redis deeply, and successfully joined Ant

PrefaceRedis is an open source log-based, Key-Value database written in ANSIC language, supporting the network, memory-based or persistent, and provides APIs in multiple languages. From March 15, 2010, the development of Redis is hosted by VMware. Since May 2013, the development of Redis has been sponsored by Pivotal. Redis supports