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java interview questions

How to learn MyBatis quickly? After reading this article, you will suddenly realize!

PrefaceThe content covers: Java, MyBatis, ZooKeeper, Dubbo, Elasticsearch, Memcached, Redis, MySQL, Spring, SpringBoot, SpringCloud, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Linux and other technology stacks. The full version of Java interview questions address: JAVA back-end interview questions integration How is the plug-in implemented in MyBatisIn MyBatis, the plug-in is implemented through interceptors. Since it

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Job hoppers and fresh graduates must-see JAVA interview questions series (3)

Article titleI. IntroductionTwo: Interview ChallengeThree: Back-end basic knowledge (three)One: The difference between order and disorder in JAVATwo: IO-intensive and CPU-intensiveThree: What ROOTS objects are in garbage collectionFour: Marking (the difference between reference counting and reachability analysis)Five: What are the core components of J2EESix: Servlet life cycleSeven: How to