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Source code compiling and installing LAMP architecture operation command-LAMP installation forum (Apache, Mysql, PHP source code installation and deployment)

LAMP architecture and source code compilation and installation1. Overview of LAMPSecond, the role of each component of LAMPThree, source code compilation and installation3.1, compile and install Apache httpd service3.1.1. Turn off the firewall and upload the software packages needed to install Apache to the /opt directory3.1.

linux system

Enterprise website application modeā€”LAMP architecture source code compiling super detailed steps, just have your hands!

Source code compilation and installation of LAMP architecture1. Introduction to LAMP Architecture1.1 Overview of LAMP1.2 Introduction to each component of LAMP1.2.1 (Platform)Linux1.2.2 (Foreground) Apache1.2.3 (Background) MySQL1.2.4 (Intermediate connection) PHP/Perl/Python1.3 Installation sequence of LAMP componentsTwo, compile and

fun with linux protection and clustering

Fun with Linux system to easily build Mysql read-write separation cluster

Case studyReminder: Mysql read-write separation is based on master-slave replication. For this, please refer to the previous tutorial to set up a Mysql master-slave replication cluster. Experimental environment, turn off the firewall, setenfoce to tolerant mode, and set up a master-slave replication cluster with three servers. Recommended stepsReminder: amoeba recommends