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canal (1): download installation and basic use

Article DirectoryPrefacemysql configurationcanal download and installcustomer channelPrefacecanal is a MySQL data real-time synchronization tool developed by Alibaba. Based on binlog incremental log analysis, it provides incremental data subscription and consumption functions. canal allows mysql incremental logs subscribed to be synchronized to mysql, kafka, elasticsearch, etc. mysql configurationFor self-built MySQL, you

python data analysis and visualization (application)

Practical application 1: Analyze the order details table data of a catering company (visual analysis of python data based on matplotlib)

table of Contents 1. Prepare in advance 1. Preparation of python third-party libraries 2. Preparation of SQL file 2. Project background Three, data preprocessing 1. Import related libraries 2. Build a channel 3. File reading and merging 4. Preprocessing of related information 5. Preprocess the complete code Fourth, the visualization


MySQL's four transaction isolation levels

The test environment for this experiment: mysql> select version() from dual; +-----------+ | version() | +-----------+ | 5.7.31 | +-----------+ 1 row in set (0.00 sec) Isolation level of query transaction: mysql> show variables like 'tx_isolation'; +---------------+-----------------+ | Variable_name | Value | +---------------+-----------------+ | tx_isolation | REPEATABLE-READ | +---------------+-----------------+