mysql database

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Download the source code of the online tea purchase e-commerce system of the WeChat applet

This project uses eclipse tool development, ssh framework, mysql database, WeChat applet developer tool, designed functions include: commodity classification management, commodity management, order management, message management, member management and other functions. View the list of all user registrations: public void getList(){ String username = request.getParameter("susername"); String sort = request.getParameter(

mysql database

MySQL database learning (2) MySQL database after-school exercises (1) DDL and DML exercises

MySQL database after-school exercise 11. Question 12. Question 2Three. Question 3Four. Question 4V. Question 5to sum up1. Question 1Case: 1. Create the database day01_test01_library 2. Create form books Field nameField descriptiontype of dataAllow to be emptyonlyb_idBook numberint(11)noYesb_nameTitlevarchar(50)nonoauthorsAuthorvarchar(100)nonopricepricefloatnonopubdatePublication dateyearnononoteDescriptionvarchar(100)Yesnonumin