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What did I do after graduating from university, looking for a job, changing jobs, and becoming an architect!

Author: Xiao Fu Ge Blog: https://bugstack.cn Precipitate, share, and grow, so that you and others can gain something! 😄1. IntroductionXiao Fu, a first-line Internet Java engineer and architect, has developed transaction and marketing projects, implemented operation and event projects, designed middleware, organized system reconfiguration, and wrote technology patents.


I don't want to do Java anymore! The 5-year experience interview ends in 10 minutes, and now the Java interview is so difficult

Foreword:We all know that in Java, the most inevitable part of the interview is the technical side. The interviewer will use technical questions to examine whether Java programmers have deep technical skills and basic knowledge. The following are high-frequency interview questions for first-line Internet companies. Have you encountered them?