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Python: Fruits and Design Patterns-Factory Pattern

Factory Pattern: Belongs to the creation mode, which provides the best way to create objects. In the factory model, weWhen creating an object, the creation logic is not exposed to the client, and it uses a common interface to point to the newly created object . intention: 定义一个创建对象的接口,让其子类自己决定实例化哪一个工厂类,工厂模式使其创建过程延迟到子类进行。 Main

python data analysis and visualization (application)

Practical application 1: Analyze the order details table data of a catering company (visual analysis of python data based on matplotlib)

table of Contents 1. Prepare in advance 1. Preparation of python third-party libraries 2. Preparation of SQL file 2. Project background Three, data preprocessing 1. Import related libraries 2. Build a channel 3. File reading and merging 4. Preprocessing of related information 5. Preprocess the complete code Fourth, the visualization


The beautiful interface effect of python elimination music [complete source code + detailed process]

The effect is like this ↓ ↓ ↓1. Environmental requirementswindows system, python3.6+ pip21+Development environment build address Let's learn pygame together. 30 cases of game development (opening words)-environment construction + game effect display 安装游戏依赖模块 pip install pygame2. Introduction to the gameEveryone should have played it or watched it. This fancy little

data structures and algorithms

Don't ask me what books and online courses I recommend, this time I have contributed all the materials I have kept for a long time (part 1), I recommend collecting!

Usually, many readers and friends ask if there are any online courses recommended for study books? Today, I summarized a programmer-related book and online course based on my own learning experience and the experience of a few friends around me. 1. C languagebooksThe first book "C Programming Language" , Machinery Industry