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Big Data Hive in 2021 (1): Basic Concepts of HiveIn the early hours of the night, my girlfriend asked what a data warehouse was, and my answer surprised her, and then found out. . .

The most detailed series of Hive articles in the entire network, it is strongly recommended to collect and pay attention!Later updated articles will list historical article directories to help you review the key points of knowledge.table of Contents Historical articles Preface Hive basic concepts 1. Introduction to Hive

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Hongmeng App Development (4) --- First encounter with Hongmeng Development

table of ContentsHongmeng App DevelopmentBuild a Hongmeng development environmentCreate a Hongmeng projectThe directory structure of the Hongmeng projectRun Hongmeng AppHongmeng App DevelopmentThe blogger made everyone realize the charm of Hongmeng's development through the three components introduced above. However, then again, for beginners, it may not be easy to get started

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Software Engineering Final Work_xxx College Admissions Information Network (SpringBoot + Layui + shiro + Qadmin)

Software Engineering-A Brief Note on the Development Process of University Admissions Information NetworkDevelopment environmentdevelopment processLogin Jump Moduleshiro permission control moduleBackground information display moduleClick on the news headline at the front desk to display the content moduleAdmission query moduleMessage moduleProject source code1. Development environmentDevelopment tools: IDEA, Hbuilder, ChromeTechnical selection: SpringBoot, Layui,

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What you need to know about the Sqlite gameplay in Qt operation, next door Java, Python and a series of uncles who looked at them directly called the experts! ! !

Article DirectoryPrefaceQtSqlQSqlDatabaseAn example of creating a database is as followsQSqlQuery class introductionOpen the databaseClose the databaseHow to operate the databaseCreate tableInsert dataInsert directly:Use placeholders? InsertUse placeholder: XXX insertLarge data batch insert data method:Update data (modify data)Query dataDelete and emptyChange the contents of the tablePrefaceIf you use the

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Graduation design C++ is based on MFC laboratory computer room management system graduation thesis | Find the treasure of C station

SubjectC++ based on MFC laboratory computer room management system table of Contents1 Introduction 2. Introduction to Development Technology 2.1 Introduction of VC++ 6.0 development platform 2.2 Introduction to the database system 3. System requirement analysis 3.1 Demand analysis 3.2 Design objective analysis 3.3 Analysis


[SQL Database Basics 06] Transaction Control Language TCL-Transaction (Concepts, Features, Isolation Level, Case Demonstration)

Article Directory1. The basic concept of affairs1.1 Basic definition1.2 The storage engine in MySQL [Understand]1.3 ACID (acid) attributes of transactionsSecond, the creation of the transaction2.1 Implicit transaction: the transaction does not have obvious opening and closing marks2.2 Explicit transaction: transaction has obvious opening and

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The Android calculator you want, it's coming today!

Project directory1. Project overview2. Development environmentThree, detailed design1. Layout design2. Main function2.1, control definition2.2, control binding2.3, control settings listener2.4, control settings click event2.5, running results4. Project effectFive, project summarySix, source code download1. Project overviewThis project mainly realized simple calculator functions, including basic operations of addition,

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At the dinner, old programmers shared with me Tips of several GitHub open source projects

PrefaceTwo days ago, I had dinner with an old programmer with 8 years of working experience in python, and then he shared with me several Tips of GitHub open source projects. Later, after consulting the information on the Internet, I compiled this article. In this paper, including 开源项目的精确搜索, github项目源码的在线阅读的技巧, 跟踪github热门项目的趋势动态,