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Java Interview Guide: Under the saturated environment of ordinary development jobs in the market, how to climb the BAT mountain and become the pinnacle with an annual income of 50W+?

My school is a double non-one school in Jingzhou. When I first went to college, I was really like a naive one. Throughout my freshman year, I didn't study programming seriously. I just went out to play and participate in various club activities every day. At the end of the

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Manually use the Spring framework, design and implement resource loader, parse and register Bean objects from Spring.xml

Author: Xiao Fu Ge Blog: https://bugstack.cn Precipitate, share, and grow, so that you and others can gain something! 😄I. Introduction你写的代码,能接的住产品加需求吗? It can be connected, and it can be connected several times, even if...else of one type is okay! But it is not certain what the connection

spring boot

SpringBoot learning (unfinished)

SpringBoot learningGetting startedRun SpringBoot quicklyImport the corresponding dependencies in pom.xmlCreate a main function of springbootCreate a control layerRun springboot main methodBrowser access to the corresponding addresssuccessHow to packapplication.properties file configurationNotes on the main programAutomatic binding (similar to reading properties file)Development tipsLombok for javaBeanHot update dependency dev-toolsQuickly create

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Software Engineering Final Work_xxx College Admissions Information Network (SpringBoot + Layui + shiro + Qadmin)

Software Engineering-A Brief Note on the Development Process of University Admissions Information NetworkDevelopment environmentdevelopment processLogin Jump Moduleshiro permission control moduleBackground information display moduleClick on the news headline at the front desk to display the content moduleAdmission query moduleMessage moduleProject source code1. Development environmentDevelopment tools: IDEA, Hbuilder, ChromeTechnical selection: SpringBoot, Layui,


Spring (transaction management)-theory

Spring transaction managementWhat is transaction managementThe characteristics of database transactionsWhat is a transactionWhat's the use of affairsACID characteristics of transactionsTransaction isolationSpring transaction managerSpring transaction management interfacePlatformTransactionManager interfaceTransactionDefinition interfaceTransactionStatus interfaceTransaction manager included in SpringTransactional behaviorSpring declarative transaction managementJar package dependencyWhat is transaction managementThere are two ways of transaction management in the