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I. Introduction

Do you often get swiped by the game? Are you constantly pushed by game advertisements. This shows that the game has ushered in another wave of performance growth. Performance growth also means that more talents are needed to supplement. If you enter the game circle now, you will have more job opportunities in the future.

Unity3D game engine is currently the dominant game engine in China. All kinds of mobile games, web games, terminal games, and stand-alone games are only you can't think of, and you can't do it without Unity! ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

So what is Unity3D: A multi-platform comprehensive game development tool that can easily create interactive content such as 3D video games, architectural visualization, and real-time 3D animation. It is a fully integrated professional game engine.

2. Power is more than just game development

Unity3D can be used not only for game development, but also for more development directions, such as:

VR related product development:

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simulation 3D software development:

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3D animation:

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architectural visualization:

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application development:

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Unity is more powerful in its cross-platform capabilities, which can achieve one-time development, multi-terminal operation, save development time and improve development efficiency.
So, what is the employment of Unity3D?

3. Employment

At present, the average salary of Unity junior engineers in first-tier cities is about 8,000, and game development engineers with more than one year can increase to about 1w5.
Of course the data is just data, everything depends on the actual situation. I have collected the information on the recruitment website. You can take a look: the

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main points are UI development such as UGUI and NGUI, proficient in C# and object-oriented thinking, and experience in game development. , Or VR development experience and so on.

The current tutorials are mostly dominated by game development. The C# language is basically not taught, but when I work, I am not proficient in the C# language, which causes a variety of problems, frequent BUGs, and work overtime every day to catch up. Is there a tutorial? There are C# tutorials and Unity tutorials.

Not to mention, it is true:

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I can't wait to see if I see the catalog, let me introduce it.

Four, CSDN learning column tutorial recommendation

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