Teach you how to export mysql data to Excel

Export mysql data to excel

method one:

The query statement is output directly.
Syntax format:

select * into outfile '/data/var-3307/catid.xls' from help_cat where 1 order 
by cat_id desc limit 0,20;

select * into outfile '导出文件存放目录' from 表面和查询条件等信息!
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Please pay attention to permissions, if it is not working, put it in the /tmp directory

Method Two:

In the shell command line, open execl in text mode, then save as, and select ansi code in the code to save the
syntax grid

echo "select * from db_web.help_cat where 1 order by sort desc limit 0,20" | mysql -h127.0.0.1 -uroot > /data/sort.xls

Echo query statement pipeline login mysql link mode> directed output file

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Method three:

Query directed output is an Excel file suffix, and then transcoded.
Syntax format:

mysql db_web -uroot  -e "select * from help_cat where 1 order by type desc limit 0,20" >  /data/type.xls

mysql link information database user name and password and then execute query statement, direct output.

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Download the file locally and open it if the Chinese characters are garbled, because the office defaults to gb2312 encoding, and the server-side generation is likely to be utf-8 encoding. At this time, you have two choices:
1. Use iconv to encode on the server-side Conversion

iconv -futf8 -tgb2312 -otype1.xls type.xls

2. If the conversion is not smooth, it will prompt:

iconv: illegal input sequence at position 1841

A similar error can be solved as follows:
first download type.xls, this time the file is utf-8 encoded, opened with excel, garbled. Open type.xls in text mode, then save as, select ANSI encoding to save in the encoding.