Teach you how to write a complete set-evaluation system (Java fine complete set + source code + UI+DB)

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Evaluation system

Recently, I was writing a small demo for a friend, and by the way, I sorted out my own ideas. Due to the tight schedule of the work project, I spent a small part of the time on the demo;
for high T, you can skip it directly; the system is relatively niche, The application technology is wide but not deep, suitable for beginners to understand.

Technology Application

SpingMvc+Spring+Mysql+Bootstrap+ Echarts

Here the back-end framework is SpringMvc+Spring, the front-end framework is Bootstrap, the data analysis chart part uses Baidu's open source Echats, and the data storage is mysql.

Business Introduction

The project scene is a school, and the roles are divided into administrators, teachers, and students;

  • The administrator has the rights to create a teaching evaluation questionnaire, view the evaluation results (data analysis module), and manage roles;
  • The classroom has the right to confirm the results of teaching evaluation;
  • Students have the right to evaluate teaching;

The related entities of these entities are courses, majors, colleges, and the teaching evaluation questionnaire (the teaching evaluation questionnaire is time-sensitive).

interface design

  • Student's perspective: According to the timeliness of the teaching evaluation questionnaire, display whether there are tasks or not. If there are tasks, you need to display the task progress (number of evaluated courses/total number of courses to be evaluated), and conduct evaluation operations through the evaluation link;
  • Classroom perspective: According to the progress of students' evaluation of teaching, confirm the results of the evaluation of teaching according to the professional dimension;
  • Administrator's perspective: create a teaching evaluation questionnaire, modify and view questionnaire questions through the questionnaire link, and manage role information at the same time

Interface display

The interactive interface follows a simple style.

Login interface

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1. Student perspective

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2. Teacher's Perspective

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Third, the administrator's perspective

![Insert picture description here](https://img-blog.csdnimg.cn/20190519130625169.?x-oss-process=image/watermark,type_ZmFuZ3poZW5naGVpdGk,shadow_10,text_aHR0cHM6Ly9ibG9nLmNzZG4ubmV0L3FFt_colort_color_de,size_zmV0L3

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Four, role management interface

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Five, evaluation interface

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6. Analysis of teaching evaluation data

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Optimization point

The administrator can lose/validate the teaching evaluation questionnaire; the
administrator can make a certain performance evaluation of the classroom through the analysis of the teaching evaluation data;


GitHub: https://github.com/weiyanyanyan/ClassOrp


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