Technical interview with Netease boss, Java development guide to avoid pits!


In-depth study of the knowledge points of Java development, and plan to make a series, starting with the basic and commonly used key ** (interview point) ** knowledge, follow-up will continue to expand, come on!
There are more possible code blocks involved in the bottom layer, but what do you want to learn about the bottom layer without looking at the code? The code says it all! ! ! Rest assured, basically every sentence of code will be commented. If there is something wrong, please point it out!

5 section creator mode

Section 1: Factory Method Pattern

Section 2: Abstract Factory Pattern

Section 3: Builder Mode

Section 4: Prototype Mode

Section 5: Singleton Mode

7-section structure model

Section 1: Adapter Mode

Section 2: Bridge Mode

Section 3: Combination Mode

Section 4: Decorator Mode

Section 5: Appearance Mode

Section 6: Flyweight model

Section 7: Proxy Mode

10-section behavior pattern

Section 1: Chain of Responsibility Model

Section 2: Command Mode

Section 3: Iterator Mode

Section 4: Intermediary Model

Section 5: Memo Mode

Section 6: Observer Mode

Section 7: State Mode

Section 8: Strategy Mode

Section 9: Template Mode

Section 10: Visitor Mode

Java Core Interview Question Bank of First-line Internet Companies



Java Core Interview Question Bank of First-line Internet Companies

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At the time of job-hopping season, I sorted out some real interview questions asked by the big factory. Due to the length of the article, only some of the questions were shown to you, more Java basics, exceptions, collections, concurrent programming, JVM, Spring family bucket, MyBatis, Redis, database, middleware MQ, Dubbo, Linux, Tomcat, ZooKeeper, Netty, etc... have been sorted and uploaded in my Tencent document [Java Core Interview Question Bank of First-line Internet Manufacturers] Click to receive it , and will continue to update... Interested friends can take a look at the support wave!