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Frequent interview questions

Introduce yourself about
the technology stack used in the project. What
do you think are more satisfactory?
If this plan makes you redesign, what do you do?
The difference between equals and == The difference between
final, finally, and finalize The difference between
overloading and rewriting
The hashCode() of two objects is the same, then equals() must also be true?
What is the difference between abstract class and interface? What is the difference between
BIO, NIO, and AIO?
What are the Java collection classes?
What is the difference between ArrayList and LinkedList?
Does HashMap realize the data structure and expansion process?
What is the difference between ArrayList and LinkedList? How do you usually choose?
What are the exception classes? What is the difference between Exception and Error?
Synchronized principle, lock expansion process?
What is the difference between Synchronized and reentrantlock?
What is the principle of thread pool?
How to achieve distributed transaction consistency?
Have you encountered any messages out of order? How to solve it?
Has ThreadLocal been used? Implementation Mechanism?
What is the difference between wait and sleep?
Has reflection been used? What principle?
Do dynamic agents understand? What is the difference between cglib and
singleton mode? Implement a thread-safe singleton pattern?
Unbounded queue and bounded queue?
Does AQS know?
Do you understand volatile? Is the Java memory model clear to
implement a producer consumer example
Have you encountered online performance issues? How to troubleshoot?
Have you encountered network problems? The difference between TIME_WAIT and CLOSE_WAIT
Three handshake talk about
CountDownLatch, Seamphone, CyclicBarrier, do you understand it?
How do you usually use private, protected, public, and keywords?
Is Java passed by value or by reference? Write a piece of code for object copy.
Do you understand the memory recovery mechanism?
What is the difference between the young generation and the old generation?
What types of garbage collectors are there? Which or which types do you use in your production environment?
What is the relationship between Java threads and operating system threads?
There are several states of a thread.
What data structure does MySQL index use in the life cycle of a thread ? Why use B+ for indexing?
What is the leftmost matching principle?
How to design it when building the watch? Have you done index optimization?
Has the sub-database sub-table done? How did it happen?
How does MySQL master-slave synchronization work? Is binlog clear?
Are there any sub-databases and tables? How is it designed?
What should I do if I need to use the phone number to query the sub-database and sub-tables made by userId?
What logging framework do you use, log4j and logback? What is the difference between slf4j and slf4j?
How is Redis String implemented? Why not use c directly?
Is redis single threaded? Why is it so fast?
What kinds of data structures are there in redis? What do they mean
? Do you understand the class loading mechanism?
What is the
concurrenthashmap of the parental delegation mode and what is the principle?
The realization principle of Spring AOP and IOC The
difference between Spring's BeanFactory and FactoryBean. Tell me
about the loading process of a Bean in
Spring ? Spring's transaction isolation level?
The principle of Autowired annotation?
What rpc framework is
idempotent to understand? Do you know how to do idempotent
current limiting and fusing in your system ? How to realize the
message middleware how to solve the problem of message loss and message disorder?
Distributed transactions guarantee consistency?
The realization of distributed locks?
Realize a distributed self-increment id?
How to remove heavy urls?
Does Redis do persistence and how?
What design patterns are used in the work?
What is a consistent hash?
What design patterns have been used in the project? Are you clear about the template method, strategy model, and chain of responsibility model?
MySQL InnoDB storage file structure
Talk about optimistic locking and pessimistic locking
cpu 100% encountered? How to solve the
update data mechanism? Update the cache or the DB first?
Do you know about cache penetration and avalanche?
Design a program to grab red envelopes?
Dp backpack problem?
When do Minor GC and Full GC happen respectively?
Java class loading process?
Talk about the understanding of Spring IOC and DI?
What git commands do you use frequently?
What is the difference between a thread calling start and run? What is the effect
? In order to traverse the binary tree
, what challenges have the previous projects encountered?
What do you think is the most valuable function of the project?
The parent class and the child class have the same attribute. Will the parent class's attributes be included when the child class is instantiated?
Have there ever been problems such as Full Gc? How did you troubleshoot?
How do you generally judge whether the SQL index setting is reasonable?
What is an immutable object? Why is the String class designed to be immutable?
What is the difference between abstract class and interface? How do you choose when designing interfaces and classes?
What are the requirements for the key type of HashMap?
Write a depth-first algorithm?
Write quick sort & bubble sort?
What is user space and kernel space? What's the difference?
How to design a storage system that stores massive amounts of data?
How to manage distributed sessions? What solutions do you have?
Tell me about how to limit the current for high-concurrency systems?
The online system suddenly becomes abnormally slow, how do you find the problem.
Design a "private message" function in a social networking site, which requires high concurrency, scalability, and so on. Draw an architecture diagram.
How does the back-end system prevent repeated submission of requests
? Tell me about service governance that you understand.
Perform a certain operation, the first 50 times succeeded, the 51st failed a All rollback b Submitted the first 50 times, the 51st throwing an exception, how to set
a large record containing 50M URLs and a small one containing 500 URLs in the ab scenario Find out the
massive log data of the same URL in the two records, and extract the IP that has the most access to Baidu on a certain day.
1000 threads are running at the same time. How to prevent not stuck?
Design a distributed self-increment id generation service

to sum up

For programmers, the academic requirements are already quite loose, so for programmers, the starting line is the same, there is no offer that can't be taken, only the ability to be hard-hearted enough.
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