The most complete 1000+ Java interview questions in history: JVM+distributed+algorithm+lock+MQ+microservice+database

The most complete 499 Java interview questions in history: JVM+distributed+algorithm+lock+MQ+microservice+database

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  • Students preparing for Java interview
  • A Java engineer who is ready to quit and is looking for a job
  • Individuals who are self-taught and ready to transfer to Java technology
  • Those who want to consolidate the core knowledge of Java and check the missing parts
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One, Java quick interview

1. Java basic knowledge interview questions

2. Dubbo interview questions

3. Java exception interview questions

4. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Interview Questions

5. Java collection container interview questions

6. Linux interview questions

7. MyBatis interview questions

8. MySQL database interview questions

Second, the interview strategy

1. Preparation before the interview

3. Efficient learning

Four, other

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The production and development of all technologies are inseparable from the most basic principles. As long as we trace the source and understand the most basic and lowest-level principles of the technical system, we can build our own back-end technical framework based on these knowledge reserves, thus building a complete Growth path.

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