The n questions asked by the graduates of the postgraduate entrance examination, sort out and share with you


We often see a lot of experience sharing. In many cases, people with superior qualifications and abilities share some of his successful experiences and learning methods. When we occasionally look at these experiences, they will indeed give us a motivational effect. We often lament. A certain boss: Damn it, it's awesome! But sometimes watching too much may make you negative or even inferior, lose some confidence, feel that you are very different from him. Everyone may indeed have their own pursuits and goals. In fact, the larger group in life is ordinary people. It is important to find a way and path that suits you. The experience of others can only be used for small reference but it is difficult to replicate. .

Today, I will not share the story of the big brother, but only share the hard work of the little brother who is working hard for the goal, and many people are at this stage, I will share some of my personal opinions with you. Of course, today's perspective is toward the general public, which is more grounded.

Most of the people in the first few years of school may be muddled (including myself), unconscious in their freshman year and sophomore year, and only start to hesitate when they have to choose the future path at the beginning of their junior year. Seeing that the big guys around me already have a good place or direction, I will inevitably become anxious and impetuous, wanting to learn fiercely, but find that the effect is far from what I expected.

For these little brothers, what I want to say is: first understand the form and plan the route, and then study hard . In only a few months of hard work, whether it is for postgraduate entrance examination or job hunting, it is very important to find a study path that suits you. Don’t follow blindly. Below is a series of questions from a reader and talk about my views. .


This little brother comes from an unknown Erben school in Hubei. His experience and doubts may have been encountered by most people or will soon be encountered. He joined me in December last year and asked me some questions about postgraduate entrance examinations and study. The first time I talked a lot, then I went to take a bath and he still had many questions. My first impression of him is: He is indeed a cute new person.


Questions from him Let me sort out the questions that many people want to know.

Question 1: What do graduate students do every day?


Graduate students must look at papers and literature. After all, this is a matter of graduation. However, there is a big difference between graduate students. Graduate students are divided into masters and masters. Most of the masters are one English and one (the examination content is larger). Most of the master's degree is two-and-two, and the professional courses may be different depending on the school's arrangement. If you have a master's degree, theoretically, the pressure on scientific research will be less, and the school's requirements for a master's thesis or graduation will be lower than those of a master's (specifically, it depends on the requirements of the school and the instructor).

If you are a graduate student, you will basically have a class. The courses you take are more related to scientific research. For artificial intelligence, you still have to rely on self-study if you are engaged in development . Some bosses may let you do it. Different bosses have completely different experiences. , Some bosses just squeeze your work and work really does not matter (pull project type), some bosses want you to engage in scientific research with him (mostly young), and some bosses even ask you to help him with miscellaneous tasks Documents, etc.)... Some bosses will give money if they are squeezed, and some bosses will not see any money if they are squeezed, leaving complaints.

If a two-year graduate student studies, he should prepare for early approval of the spring recruitment or prepare the content of the autumn recruitment in the summer. This way, the career of graduate students is really fast, and there is no pressure on thesis. These people may spend part of their time in internship and part of their time preparing for graduation.

Normally for 2.5 or three years, most of the second graduate students are doing small essays. The requirements of each school and the boss are different. Graduates must meet the requirements of the boss on the basis of the minimum requirements of the school (the boss is very powerful). In addition to doing small papers, some bosses let internships, but there are very many teachers who do not put internships. They have to work in the laboratory to help the bosses and press (very many), so if they successfully land on the shore, the bosses selected are also very Important (many bosses have a biased research direction or find it difficult to find a job, or it is difficult for ordinary people with algorithmic posts to find a job). Of course, you will also need to prepare for the summer internship in the second graduate school. That summer internship is more important, and it is quite difficult for you to have no internship experience in a big factory.

In the third year of graduate school, most of my seniors in the same discipline are recruited in the first autumn to graduate with a major thesis, because the requirements for the graduate thesis are still quite high, and they are not at the same level as the requirements for undergraduates. Innovation and workload are required, which may not be true. It may be postponed.

Therefore, in general, most graduate students read papers and documents to meet graduation requirements and job requirements. It is still quite difficult for a non-prestigious school to work with Dachang Algorithm Post. And most of the front-end, back-end, or test specific content that most work requires, you still need to learn by yourself.

Question 2: What should I do if I fail to pass the postgraduate entrance examination?


To be clear: You can’t stand on two boats , while preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, while preparing to find a job. There is a high probability that you will neither pass the exam nor find a good job. In the end, you can only end up in a hurry. After all, you are not a god and you don’t have so much energy.

So choose to take the postgraduate entrance examination. The content of the postgraduate entrance examination alone will be enough for you to toss for a long time. Do you want to see Zhang Yu or Tang Jiafeng? Do you have to do 1000 questions, 1800, or 660? Watching the video can be a process of communicating with people. , You like the teacher to watch the teacher’s video and do his topic. After all, those teachers have been determined by the market for so many years to have their own styles and characteristics.

It’s normal for the postgraduate entrance examination to be cold. In general, the probability of being cold is greater than half. Of course, the reason for the half of the cold is mostly because the snake skin has not been prepared, and partly because of bad luck. Suddenly the school is too explosive and so on. But generally speaking, most of the people who are down-to-earth and stable have actually gone ashore .

In addition, in terms of preventing cold, in addition to preparing for the first and re-examination, it is also very important to choose a school and choose a major. Generally speaking, the school you choose is 1-2 levels higher than your current best. If this school is good, you can also take the exam. This year, I was shocked when I saw a two college computer school with only single-digit people coming ashore, some ordinary dual-non-university colleges, and a few others who were transferred to other places. I felt that the disadvantaged groups in the postgraduate entrance examination papers A trace of bleakness, I have to admit that due to the accumulation of many years in the past , there is still a big gap in the ability to temporarily study and test. How high you jump in this step depends on your learning ability. It is good to be iron but it is really unnecessary . There is also the choice of school to consider whether the school is under pressure. In some schools, the pressure on professional courses is severe, and the re-examination is very late. If you want to adjust after the re-examination, it is really difficult.

What if it’s really cold? This situation really exists . Last year, I was cold and I went to find a job (the re-examination started in late May last year). I would regret it if I was cold. It is inevitable that I am unwilling to come back to World War II. It is acceptable even in the year (the probability of consolidating the knowledge of World War II is greater), and if you don’t want to fight again, you can find a job. If you are recruiting in the spring, although the hope of entering a big factory may be very slim, there is still a chance to enter a good ordinary company. When it is cold, write your resume quickly, find your teammates to vote together, interview together to share experience, if you have certain development experience and ability (learning Get up quickly) The ones you find are not necessarily worse than those recruited in the autumn. After the postgraduate entrance examination, you also have a certain degree of learning ability and computer expertise, which can be useful in the interview.

In general, since you choose a path, you have to move forward with optimism. Of course, it is best to go ashore. If you get cold, you should immediately adjust your mentality to find a job and experience the process. If you have not yet reached the time of the postgraduate entrance examination, you can learn some development techniques and do some projects, leaving a way for you.

Some other questions:

Does the postgraduate entrance examination look at undergraduate results?

I can watch it, but it's just a look.

Do you stay in school for review in the summer?

To stay in school, you must stay, and individual gods with strong self-control can be ignored.

Can I take some time to learn technology while taking the postgraduate entrance examination?


This is really too greedy. It doesn't matter if you can learn something before the summer vacation, it won't be necessary after the summer vacation. If the school retakes an organic test but does not have the programming ability, you can consider one or two algorithmic questions a day before the end of the summer (difficult to control the time), and initially have a basic problem-solving ability, and then after the first try, play for a few days before formally invest in the problem .

What will you ask for the retest?

Not necessarily. Re-examination also depends on luck. Basically three or four teachers form a group. Asking you depends on the direction of the teacher you met. However, if you have self-introduction, you can guide the teacher to ask you questions about that aspect. Generally speaking, it is still the basic professional courses of data structure, operating system, database, computer network, and composition principle.

Do I need to buy school professional course materials for postgraduate entrance examinations?

If you want to buy, especially the schools that make independent propositions, the style of each school may not change in the short term. It is necessary to get their school's reminiscence version of the test questions and the undergraduate final exam papers to study. Of course, these materials may be a bit expensive. For the first round of learning materials for professional courses, it is enough to recommend the kingly way, and there are a lot of questions.

Will the school discriminate against both wrongs?

I can’t say that we discriminate against double non-discrimination, we can only say that we prefer good schools, but this aspect may not have a big impact. Generally speaking, the re-examination is still very fair. The strong score is high, and the school and undergraduate results can only be used when the teacher re-exams. The initial impression of you is better.

If you answered well in this round of interviews, the teachers will feel like this: This child has a good school, good grades, and strong abilities, not bad!

But if you do not perform well, the teachers may think: This answer... How can you care about your school?

The school’s advantage is based on the same level of two people, and the interview is only part of the re-examination, and the re-examination is also part of the entire postgraduate entrance examination. Therefore, the initial test scores a little higher, the hard power test is more stable in the second test, and the teacher is not scolded in the second test. Go ashore?

Why do many people say that computers are useless for development and postgraduate entrance examinations?

If your undergraduate is a famous university or a big factory harvester, you can also say that it is useless to engage in development and postgraduate entrance examinations. This on the test is to look at themselves want, it is appropriate, instead of having no use .

Learning Ability

To find out the whole situation of the postgraduate entrance examination, the rest is to find a sustainable development path and stick to it, but persistence is so easy. This process may be very lonely, and even many people can’t stick to it and give up halfway at the end. After all, they have been frustrated for a long time. The taste is really uncomfortable.

Most people start to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination in the third year of the National People's Congress, buy a bunch of materials to review, and after a while, they find that it is not appropriate to give up (yes, this is how I bought the brand new 50% off materials from my roommate). The postgraduate entrance examination is a good one. A way out, but not necessarily suitable for everyone. If you are in pain every day and can't hold on for a long time without improvement, you can also try to choose other paths.

The problem of lack of motivation is most likely to occur on the way to study, so at this time you have to change your life habits. People around you will affect you a lot. Here are some suggestions for you.

Go to the library to review : Every year during the postgraduate entrance examination season, the library may be most of the people who take the postgraduate entrance examination. You are in this environment to promote your study, and you can walk to eat, go to sleep, hear other people talk about problems, and know the gap between yourself and others .

Find a good research friend: Although there is a good atmosphere in the library as a whole, there are many groups of people with snakeskins. For example, this group of people is not very good at learning: "Let’s go back before it’s too early", or one or two times It’s early, maybe a group of you will be affected: I’ll go back too, it’s getting late. And if your fellow fellows have good learning ability, you can urge each other to learn from each other's strengths, and you can discuss problems with different modules during dinner. The effect of face-to-face communication is much better than that of checking online and digesting it yourself. And if you are emotionally unstable on the way, you will also reassure and support each other. It is fun to have good fellows on the way to the postgraduate entrance examination, talking and laughing every day at dinner.

Insist on getting up early and returning late: Attitude is very important on the way to the postgraduate entrance examination. Get up early and return late and do your study every day. Don't take any chances: I get up late and I am efficient, and I work hard behind me. The postgraduate entrance examination is about sweat and time, not cleverness .

Pay attention to the media account of the postgraduate entrance examination teacher: During the break during the postgraduate entrance examination, check out the station B and Weibo of teachers such as Li Yongle, Tang Jiafeng, and Zhang Yu. They will share some learning progress and learning methods. You can watch and get experience, and you can watch Look at the comments below to see how far your opponent is.

Collect a few inspirational videos and a few motivational songs: long-term persistence is not easy, and there is no motivation to occasionally look at the countless people on the inspirational video barrage. The moment I was going to go ashore at xx university, it was actually very shocking, and I would find myself again. ; Listening to more motivated songs, walking and running, will also give me a lot of motivation. The following is a video I collected at station B when I entered the postgraduate entrance examination (occasionally, don't watch it numb).


Recently, the little brother also encountered the same problem. He may be in a second book. There are very few people who really study at this time. Everyone is very perfunctory when discussing the content of the study. Maybe they haven't felt that it is time to prepare for the time being. Or maybe there is a mine at home. In this environment, the students have some problems with their own learning ability.


I agreed to the little brother, because this is a simple task for me, and he is only temporarily in a bad state, I hope he can adjust and find himself. These days, he has completed his plan very well.


It doesn't matter if we are weaker for the time being. We can work hard for the next step. It is really shocking to see the scene where this schoolboy works hard for his dream.

Today I share this little brother and his question because it feels so familiar, like many people in many times in life.

At each stage, everyone may have a little dream, and everyone is different. I hope everyone can work hard to get what they want.

About the author: Undergraduate Jiang University of Science and Technology, South Research Institute of Science and Technology, maintain the original public account of the same name: [bigsai], share learning, data structure and algorithm, Java related knowledge, accumulated dry goods original 100+, to help more people belong to the Xiaobai group. If you have questions about postgraduate entrance examinations and learning paths, please feel free to talk to me.